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Reduction of breakdowns in parapharmacy

While stock-outs of medicines rarely result in a loss of turnover due to their very low replenishment time, sales of para pharmaceutical products do not follow the same logic. In a large number of cases (cosmetics, food supplements, sunscreen products, etc.) the replenishment time can be long and good order forecasting is a key criterion for profitability.

Verteego's forecasting solutions allow you to anticipate short, medium and long term sales for each of your items and each pharmacy, allowing you to better forecast your stocks and drastically reduce out-of-stocks and costs generated by overstock items.

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Merchandising optimization

The promotion of your para pharmacy products in pharmacies or on your online sales site is a subject that can quickly become complex when faced with the numerous possibilities that arise when combining the various options (packaging, shelf, gondola heads, location in the point of sale, etc.).

Verteego allows you to calculate in real-time the impact of each of these different scenarios in order to choose the one that best fits your strategy and the operational, commercial and profitability objectives you have set.

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Optimization of promotions

Choosing the right promotion mechanism is a key issue in improving the profitability of para pharmacy sales. The complexity lies, among other things, in the variability of the sensitivity of different items to the price level (elasticity subjects) as well as in the interaction of sales between them (cannibalization).

Verteego allows you to forecast the level of sales for each of your items and each of your pharmacies according to the promotional scenarios you are considering. In many cases, the accuracy obtained in this way will exceed that of a simple elasticity calculation, which does not take into account the multiple factors that impact the evolution of sales in the past, nor the effects that a price variation could have on the other items in the assortment.

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Choosing the optimal assortment

Whether it is a pharmacy or your online sales site, the assortment is selected taking into account multiple criteria (surface area and location of the pharmacy, customer preferences, width and depth of the range, regional specificities, contracts with suppliers and groups, etc.).

By simultaneously integrating numerous internal, external and calculated variables, the forecasts generated by Verteego can simulate a large number of assortment scenarios to help you choose the most optimal one, while respecting the constraints imposed, as well as commercial and profitability objectives.

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Traffic forecasting

Many pharmacies suffer from an influx that is difficult to manage during peak hours, an influx that can discourage some customers in extreme cases, diverting them to competing pharmacies nearby.

Verteego's integrated traffic forecasts solutions allow you to accurately identify customer behavior patterns to help you anticipate peaks in customer traffic and adjust the number of staff needed to serve your customers in the best possible way.

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