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The optimal fleet plan, directly sent to your existing tool

Verteego's AI generates the optimal fleet plan to reduce your fleet costs while considering your business constraints and objectives (utilization rates, customer needs, supplier prices, regionalization, business rules, etc.).

  • Increase your utilization rate significantly
  • Reduce your fleet costs
  • Increase vehicle availability and customer satisfaction
  • Efficiently plan vehicle rotation
  • Simplify fleet management
  • etc.

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Increase efficiency with AI

ROI < 6 months

Up to +20%

increase in turnover rate

Through better fleet allocation

Up to +10%

increase in average revenue per rental

Through optimized dynamic pricing

Up to 95%

accuracy in forecasts

Thanks to our unique algorithms

For Europcar Mobility Group

Success story

Virginie Piogere, Manager Fleet Planning

"Verteego is a powerful decision support tool. Our fleet planning time has been significantly reduced [...]. In a few months, we transitioned from a static fleet plan [...], to dynamic planning, allowing us to test the best assumptions almost in real time based on the evolution of our environment."

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Rapid integration into your IT ecosystem

No changes in processes or organization

  • Adaptability to your specific challenges while considering your unique constraints.
  • Seamless and rapid 'no code' integration, preserving your workflow.
  • Absolute data protection ensuring integrity and confidentiality.
  • Precise predictive accuracy through our Verteego Magic Data™️ (weather, local events, seasonality), allowing you to achieve your goals with peace of mind

Our technology

Verteego, among the leaders in its sector

Verteego recognized since 2021 by Gartner as a representative provider in the "Market Guide for Retail Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions"

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