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More than algorithms

In machine learning, algorithms alone are not enough. They must address practical business needs and be easily accessible through user-friendly interfaces. Your data's security, confidentiality, and anonymity are paramount, and your applications must be available, reliable, and accurate 24/7, regardless of changes in your data and activities. At Verteego, we meet ALL of these requirements.

High accuracy forceasting

At Verteego, we understand that the key to solving many optimization challenges is gaining a better understanding of the future. That's why we've prioritized developing a powerful forecasting technology that surpasses all existing options in terms of accuracy, speed, robustness, and security. After several years of research and development, this cutting-edge technology now serves as the foundation of our platform, enabling us to deliver highly effective optimization applications.

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Decision-making apps

Synapses are the essential connectors between neurons in the human brain, allowing information to be transmitted.

In the same way, Verteego's decision-making apps seamlessly integrate with your existing IT systems (ERP, CRM, SCM, PIM, ITSM, BI, etc.) to provide powerful insights. Verteego's modular backend is scalable and customizable, allowing you to easily activate existing apps or create new ones, while the user-friendly frontend makes it simple for business users to access and act on the forecasts and recommendations.

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Full AI Infrastructure

At Verteego, we believe that AI should work behind the scenes to serve the end-user in various areas. This trend is well underway in the consumer applications we use daily. AI is omnipresent, facilitating tasks such as organization, automation and simplification.

In businesses, the value of AI is no longer in question, as decision-makers understand its potential. However, implementation has proven challenging, with various disconnected solutions and POCs failing to lead to actual deployment due to complexity issues.

With Verteego, we aim to provide a unique platform that brings the benefits of consumer AI to businesses while adhering to the scalability, integrability, security and explainability requirements of professional IT systems.

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Forecasting of series with little or no history

When it comes to planning for new products or stores with little or no historical data, Verteego's technology has got you covered. Our platform incorporates unique features that efficiently address this challenge. By automatically detecting correlations between variables that best describe your data without history, we can identify the best prediction strategy for your business needs. This ensures that you can make informed decisions and drive results, even with new launches or low turnover products.


Transparency and explainability are key to gaining trust and acceptance of AI within an organization. That's why we ensure that our models are trained and forecasts generated in a transparent manner. Our users can easily understand the origin of the results, how variables are weighted, which algorithms are being used, and the hyperparameters that are selected. With Verteego, you can trust that our AI solutions are not a black box, but rather a transparent and explainable tool to help you make better decisions.


Tracking the source of decisions is crucial for effective decision-making in an organization, whether they are made through automation or with human guidance based on AI recommendations. That's why our platform keeps track of all historical models and generated recommendations, allowing users to analyze past decisions, understand the parameters of the models used, compare them with each other, and potentially reuse them in the future. By providing transparency and traceability, we empower our clients to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement


Time is of the essence when it comes to implementing decision-making applications. That's why we've designed our technology to enable you to create and deploy a decision intelligence app in under 10 minutes. Once connected to your data, Verteego is pre-configured, allowing you to begin the learning phase without any manual parameterization.

We understand that experienced users may require more advanced features to create highly sophisticated and high-performance apps. With Verteego, you have the flexibility to evolve your configuration and integrate new data sources as your needs and expertise grow.

Simulation engine

Verteego's simulation engine is a powerful tool that can generate millions of real-time scenarios. By defining variable parameters and their potential values, you can generate corresponding forecasts and identify the scenarios that best meet your specific optimization criteria. This could include objectives such as increasing sales, reducing costs, minimizing inventory, optimizing margins and more. With Verteego, you can simulate various scenarios and make data-driven decisions to achieve your desired outcomes.

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Anomaly detection

Verteego's powerful forecasting technology uses historical and context data to generate accurate predictions. Our solution is designed to constantly compare these predictions with real-time data, allowing us to quickly detect any significant deviations. These alerts can provide valuable insights and help optimize your business operations, such as identifying stock shortages, decreasing store traffic, production line defects, and even detecting gas or water leaks. With Verteego, you can stay on top of your business and take proactive measures to mitigate potential issues.

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Multiple resolutions

Verteego's machine learning engine has a high degree of parameterization flexibility and can generate decision recommendations in multiple resolutions (very often time-place-product combinations). For example, an app can be configured to either provide monthly demand forecasts for your various business units, daily sales broken down by item and point of sale, or hourly orders per dish in a fast-food chain.

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Evaluation of gains

Implementing an optimization system is only valuable if the return on investment (ROI) is positive and realized quickly. That's why it's essential to accurately and objectively measure the performance of the system before its implementation and compare it to the results achieved through machine learning.

At Verteego, we understand this need and have designed our platform to enable ROI calculation through back-testing. By forecasting historical data and comparing it to actual values, Verteego facilitates the measurement of ROI, allowing you to confidently invest in optimization with measurable results.

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Easy integration with your IT systems

Verteego's APIs are powerful tools that enable seamless integration with various data sources and software programs, including pricing, inventory and order management, transport planning, and more. With Verteego, you can easily transmit the forecasts and recommendations directly to your preferred software applications. Furthermore, Verteego's results can be extracted and used in your BI solutions to gain further insights. If your data sources don't match the required structure for machine learning models, Verteego provides various features to transform your data into the right format.

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Would you like to open the hood of Verteego in order to understand in more detail how it works and its philosophy?

The power of the cloud

An interoperable platform with many connectors

Verteego is fully distributed in the cloud and has been built to provide unparalleled performance and virtually unlimited scalability.

Verteego has been built with the goal of guaranteeing absolute control over the data flowing through it. At all times, our customers have full control over the geographical locations where their data is stored and processed.

Verteego is not limited to its own computing capabilities, but is potentially open to many external services, such as the APIs of major Cloud technology providers (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure), in order to extend its field of expertise.

Your data under high security

The security of our customers' data has always been our priority. We do everything possible to apply and exceed the state of the art in terms of IT security, so that our clients can be and remain confident in the idea of entrusting us with their data (which remains their exclusive property under all circumstances).

All Verteego apps share a rights management system that will allow you to secure the roles of your different user groups. We will also be able to adapt to the specific constraints of certain industries (banking, export control in the military, etc.).

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But also...

Quick and agile deployment

Our unique experience (100+ projects worldwide), our advanced technological platform and our multi-disciplinary team focused on a single objective - to deliver digital services that meet the expressed need in record time and guarantee the operation of the services thereafter - put Verteego in a position to become your exclusive partner to reinvent your organization around AI.

Compliant with your internal IT security policies

We consistently meet or exceed the state of the art in information security. We are at your disposal to exchange with your teams in charge of your information systems to listen, understand and adapt to any special requests.

Optimization of total cost of ownership

Once your solution is deployed, Verteego's SaaS model guarantees you an operation without any unpleasant surprises: everything is included in our subscriptions (platform updates, solution hosting, support, bug fixes, etc.).

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