More than algorithms

Machine learning is not just about powerful algorithms. Above all, these algorithms must meet concrete business needs and be accessible through interfaces that are easy to use on a daily basis. Your data must remain secure, confidential and anonymous, and your applications must be available, reliable and accurate 24/7, whatever the evolution of your data and your activities. Verteego Brain was built to meet ALL of these requirements.

Full AI Infrastructure

At Verteego, we believe AI should remain invisible to the end-user and be at his service in many areas. This evolution is largely in progress in the consumer applications we use every day. AI is ubiquitous without us realizing it, helping us to simplify, organize, automate, etc.

In companies, the interest of artificial intelligence is no longer to be demonstrated, decision-makers have understood it. On the other hand, implementation has shown its limits: many different solutions are used without communicating with each other or integrating with existing systems, POCs (proof of concept) have been carried out without leading to a real deployment due to a lack of anticipation of the complexity of this part.

With Verteego Brain, we wanted to create a unique platform that would bring the benefits of consumer application AI to businesses, while respecting the scalability, integrability, security and explainability constraints of professional IT systems.

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Synapps network

In the human brain, synapses are the places where information is transmitted between two neurons. The predictive applications that can be activated using the Verteego Brain platform, which we have called Synapps, have been designed to interface with your various existing IT systems (ERP, CRM, SCM, PIM, ITSM, BI, etc.) and with each other. Verteego Brain consists of a scalable and modular backend, which allows you to easily activate existing Synapps or configure new Synapps, as well as a frontend to make predictions and recommendations easily accessible to your business users.

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High precision

The solution to a very large number of optimization issues lies in better knowledge of the future. This is why, at Verteego, we believed that in order to offer powerful optimization applications, it was first essential to build a forecasting technology whose accuracy, computational speed, robustness and security exceed all currently available forecasting technologies. This technology, the result of several years of R&D, now forms the foundation of Verteego Brain.

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Simulation engine

Verteego Brain provides a simulation engine capable of generating hundreds of thousands of forecast scenarios in real-time. After defining the variable parameters and the values they could take, Verteego Brain generates the corresponding forecasts and detects the scenarios that best meet the optimization criteria you have previously defined (e.g. increase in sales, cost reduction, inventory minimization, margin optimization, etc.).

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Anomaly detection

Verteego Brain generates forecasts by learning multiple patterns from historical data. These forecasts are constantly compared with the actual evolution of the data. As a result, the solution is able to detect when actual values deviate too significantly from the generated forecasts. In many cases, these alerts can then provide valuable information to optimize the management of your activity (e.g. stock shortages, decrease in store traffic, production line defect, gas or water leak, ...).

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Multiple resolutions

Verteego Brain's machine learning engine has a high degree of parameterization flexibility and can generate predictions in multiple resolutions (very often time-place-product combinations). For example, a Synapps can be configured to either provide monthly cash flow forecasts for your various business units, daily sales broken down by item and point of sale, or hourly orders per dish in a fast-food chain.

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Evaluation of gains

The implementation of an optimization system only makes sense if one is able to measure the return on investment (ROI) of this system and if this return is positive and fast. It is then essential to be able to effectively and objectively measure the performances, prior to the implementation of the new system, in order to compare them with those obtained thanks to machine learning. This requirement has been taken into account in the design of Verteego Brain, which facilitates the calculation of the ROI thanks to the back-testing method, which consists of predicting the data for a period that has already passed in order to compare it with the values actually obtained.

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Easy integration with your IT systems

Verteego Brain contains very rich APIs, which not only allow you to connect to a wide range of different data sources but also to transmit the results of predictions or recommendations directly to the software you are used to (pricing software, inventory and order management, transport planning, CRM, ERP, etc.). The results of Verteego Brain can also be extracted for consumption in your BI (Business Intelligence) solutions for further analysis. If your data sources do not immediately match the structure needed to train machine learning models, Verteego Brain offers a series of features specifically designed to transform your data into the right format.

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Would you like to open the hood of Verteego Brain in order to understand in more detail how it works and its philosophy ?

The power of the cloud

An interoperable platform with many connectors

Verteego Brain is fully distributed in the cloud and has been built to provide unparalleled performance and virtually unlimited scalability.

Verteego Brain has been built with the goal of guaranteeing absolute control over the data flowing through it. At all times, our customers have full control over the geographical locations where their data is stored and processed.

Verteego Brain is not limited to its own computing capabilities, but is potentially open to many external services, such as the APIs of major Cloud technology providers (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure), in order to extend its field of expertise.

Your data under high security

The security of our customers' data has been our priority since 2008. We do everything possible to apply and exceed the state of the art in terms of IT security, so that our clients can be and remain confident in the idea of entrusting us with their data (which remains their exclusive property under all circumstances).

All Verteego Brain modules share a rights management system that will allow you to secure the roles of your different user groups. We will also be able to adapt to the specific constraints of certain industries (banking, export control in the military, ...).

For more information about our practices in terms of securing your data:

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But also...

Quick and agile deployment

Our unique experience (100+ projects worldwide since 2008), our advanced technological platform and our multi-disciplinary team focused on a single objective - to deliver digital services that meet the expressed need in record time and guarantee a peaceful operation of the services thereafter - put Verteego in a position to become your exclusive partner to reinvent your organization around AI.

Compliant with your internal IT security policies

We consistently meet or exceed the state of the art in information security. We are at your disposal to exchange with your teams in charge of your information systems to listen, understand and adapt to any special requests.

Optimization of total cost of ownership

Once your solution is deployed, Verteego's SaaS model guarantees you an operation without any unpleasant surprises: everything is included in our subscriptions (platform updates, solution hosting, support, bug fixes, etc.).

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