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The right product, in the right place, at the right time

The in-store or online assortment strategy is a crucial pillar of success during inflation. When well executed, it attracts customers, enhances their experience, and boosts their consumption. Verteego excels in addressing these complex challenges:

  • Analyze the performance of the current assortment in real-time
  • Optimize the size of your assortment
  • Plan your assortment based on demand
  • Integrate your promotional campaigns
  • Find the balance between variety and depth
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Increase your margins

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Your optimal assortment plan in a few clicks

Verteego's AI recommends the optimal assortment plan on a daily basis, based on your business constraints and commercial objectives (increasing margins, stock clearance, etc.).

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Compare your performance

Analyse the impact of your optimised assortment on sales trends and your business objectives, such as turnover and margins. Use customised filters by outlet, brand or product to refine your analysis.

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Manage your operations through our 100% personalised interfaces

Thanks to our customizable dashboards, you can monitor the state of your assortment and your KPIs in real time:

  • Additional sales
  • Number of products
  • Top 30 categories
  • Top 30 brands
  • and much more.

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Find the optimal assortment with AI

ROI < 6 months

Up to +15%

average customer basket

Thanks to an optimal value proposition

Up to +12%

inventory turnover rate

Through anticipating customer needs

Up to -10%

out of stock situations

Thanks to accurate demand analysis

Rapid integration into your IT ecosystem

No changes in processes or organization

  • Adaptability to your specific challenges while considering your unique constraints.
  • Seamless and rapid 'no code' integration, preserving your workflow.
  • Absolute data protection ensuring integrity and confidentiality.
  • Precise predictive accuracy through our Verteego Magic Data™️ (weather, local events, seasonality), allowing you to achieve your goals with peace of mind

Our technology

Verteego, among the leaders in its industry

Verteego, recognized by Gartner since 2021 as a representative provider in the 'Market Guide for Retail Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions'

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Optimize the assortment at your retail locations with Verteego's AI.

Assortment represents the range of products available in a retail location. Verteego leverages artificial intelligence to help businesses adopt an optimal assortment for each retail site.

Adapting the offer to the market and customer needs

An assortment consists of various categories of products chosen efficiently to meet consumer needs. It's essential to adapt the assortment to your market for sales optimization. Verteego's AI program performs various simulations to select the best formula to increase your revenue.

Assortment tailored to the catchment area

The optimal assortment should be chosen based on data related to the geographical area where your retail location is situated. This requires conducting market research on which your assortment selection and merchandising will rely.

Verteego's AI integrates point-of-sale data into the conducted market research. This ensures that every product offered at your retail location is better suited to the catchment area.

Choosing the right assortment concerning competition

To optimize the assortment, consider the articles or services offered by competing brands. Verteego's AI takes these data into account when choosing an assortment for a physical retail location. Thus, the assortment becomes a strategic element for the chosen retail location, which can serve to optimize financial services.

Employing predictive models to simulate assortment scenarios

To achieve a predefined business objective, you can use artificial intelligence to simulate various assortment scenarios. Here are some advantages of predictive models based on Verteego's AI.

Reduced forecast costs

One advantage of using Verteego's AI to choose your store's assortment is the low cost of sales forecasts. Using human skills for this task would be more expensive and take more time compared to forecasts entrusted to an AI program.

Increased margins and market share

Verteego's predictive models allow you to choose the best assortment for your retail location, improving inventory management and increasing your revenue through a better ratio of items sold compared to competitors. To achieve such profitability, Verteego's AI suggests the best purchase price for each item.

Efficient elimination of low-sellers

The assortment has three dimensions that need to be considered to minimize low-sellers. First, the breadth represents the number of categories of items offered at your retail location. Second, the width of the assortment represents the number of shelves or linear feet available at the retail location. Finally, the depth is the number of references per group or family of items.

Improved customer satisfaction

If the assortment at your retail location meets customer needs, your brand or private label will quickly gain popularity. Consumers will be more satisfied if you offer better prices compared to the competition.

Choosing the right assortment for each industry

Verteego offers several assortment optimization solutions tailored to various industries.

Grocery Retail

In the grocery retail sector, being able to predict the number of purchases at your retail location can be a significant technical advantage. This is possible through scenario simulations conducted with Verteego's predictive models.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Verteego's predictive models used in the pharmaceutical industry will help select the best assortment for each shelf or linear foot. Similarly, the demand for pharmaceutical products could be efficiently modeled to reduce the risk of stockouts.

Luxury and Fashion

Optimize the assortment, marketing, and promotional pricing for your luxury and fashion product specialized brand. Verteego's AI accurately anticipates sales trends for each assortment.

Food Service

By using machine learning in food service, Verteego allows you to predict what the best assortment would be to satisfy discerning consumers. This is especially useful for introducing a new category of dishes in your menu and optimizing stock management.

Specialized Retail

With Verteego's predictive models, optimizing stocks and assortments in your stores becomes faster. This innovation ensures precise financial flow management in the specialized retail field.


Predictive solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning enable a company to build a reputation through its product assortment. Verteego's AI ensures that the right resources are allocated to organizing various services of an insurance company to generate interest among individuals.

Consumer Goods

You can simulate assortment scenarios or generate sales forecasts by category with Verteego's AI. Its predictive models prevent overstocking in your stores and optimize marketing, branding, and promotional operations.

Tourism and Events

Verteego uses machine learning to optimize assortments and, consequently, the revenue of companies in the tourism and events field. AI solutions allow you to offer the best prices compared to the competition and allocate the right resources for organizing your events.


Merchandising and assortment selection in pharmacies can be improved with Verteego's predictive models. These predictive solutions also reduce the risk of stockouts and increase the profitability of pharmacies.

Manufacturing Industries

Using artificial intelligence to optimize distribution, assortment, and manufacturing flows could significantly contribute to progress in manufacturing industries. Verteego's predictive models also ensure better resource optimization by category.