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Optimization of the S&OP process

Forecasting is the foundation of the S&OP process, but it suffers from a lack of correlation with consumer demand and actual sales by distributors. Traditional supply chain approaches and legacy systems do not allow you to effectively leverage all your sources of information.

Verteego allows you to integrate and analyze data from all your data sources to automatically generate more accurate forecasts at all product levels (brand, category, SKU).

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Reduction of safety stock

Inaccurate forecasts, material shelf life and manufacturing lead times are factors that are more than ever integrated into your supply chain through safety stocks, which aims to reduce out-of-stock situations. Nevertheless, there is a tendency for safety stocks to be exaggerated, leading to a significant increase in fixed assets, especially for high value-added products.

The Verteego platform embeds machine learning models that continuously analyze the production, shipping, market, distributor sales, ERP and external data to generate highly accurate forecasts based on real-time consumption. These improved demand forecasts enable teams to reduce excess inventory, which directly impacts your margins and bottom line.

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Demand forecasting

Forecasting future demand forms the basis for all strategic and planning decisions in an industrial supply chain. Within the production stakes, good demand management enables the industrial apparatus to be adjusted (quantity, rhythm, investment) and also to ensure all logistics operations (storage, transport). A good understanding of the factors influencing demand also becomes a key issue for all decision-makers.

With its machine learning models and proprietary technology, Verteego helps manufacturers understand & anticipate demand flows on the one hand and on the other hand optimize their transport, production and storage operations based on optimal scenarios.

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Optimization of commercial promotion

As a key commercial issue for the distribution of your products, choosing the right promotional mechanisms has a direct impact on your revenues and profitability. At a manufacturer level, the complexity lies in the good understanding for all your SKUs (price parameters, mechanisms, channels, duration...) as well as the sales interaction between them.

Verteego allows you to forecast for each of your SKUs the level of performance of the promotions according to the scenarios envisaged and thus offers marketing & supply chain departments a dedicated decision support tool allowing them to recommend the best scenarios based on the forecasting calculation of generated turnover and margin.

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