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Optimize your supply chain with Verteego

Verteego integrates with your demand planning tools to optimize your purchasing and procurement strategy.

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Demand planning

For your ongoing or promotional sales, new product launches or events such as Black Friday, Sales or Mother's Day, our predictive models provide highly reliable forecasts and support you in your strategic decisions.

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Anticipate the consequences of your operational decisions with Verteego. Our AI platform analyzes your data in real time and generates an optimal purchasing and supply plan, integrated directly into your ERP. This plan takes into account the specific needs of each store, the diversity of suppliers, continuity of supply, purchasing fluctuations, compliance with supplier contracts...

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Based on its sales forecasts, Verteego's AI draws up an optimized replenishment plan, taking into account expected out-of-stock dates, delivery times, minimum order quantities, and other key variables.

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Dive into an exclusive demo of the platform to discover how Verteego helps you optimize your promos.

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Success story

Find out how Monoprix optimized its promotions with Verteego.

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