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Maximize the impact of your promotions

Make smarter decisions. Optimise the effectiveness of your promotions with Verteego.

Up to +15%


Up to -20%

of promotional unsold inventory

Up to -35%

in promotional management costs

Our customers are leading players on their markets

Verteego has been recognized as a representative vendor in Gartner's 'Market Guide for Retail Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions' in both 2021 and 2022.

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The complexity of promotionnal planning

Navigate through the challenges of implementing an effective promotional strategy


  • Prediction of demand during promotions is often inaccurate
  • Ineffective promotional strategies undermine profits
  • Overstock and understock are costly
  • Measuring the real impact of promotions is often complicated
  • Adaption to changes in the customer's behaviour tends to be slow

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Verteego provides daily recommendations for the best promotional strategy

Verteego combines IA and data to automate your promotional processes.

  • Significantly increase your margins and revenues
  • Automate your processes and gain flexibility
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Save time and resources
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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How does it work?

Verteego leverages your data and provides you a precise and detailed operational action plan to help you achieve your goals quickly.


Verteego builds a highly accurate forecasting model using historical and external data to anticipate future demand.

Examples of training variables for the model include:

  • Sales
  • Inventory levels
  • Points of sale
  • Events and seasonality
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Advertising and merchandising
  • Exogenous data
  • etc.

Verteego generates millions of customized scenarios, taking into account your specific variables and constraints, for all types of possible promotions.

Examples of constraints include:

  • Similar items on promotion
  • Simultaneous promotions
  • Supplier contracts
  • Legal limits
  • Minimum and maximum price
  • etc.

Verteego automatically selects the scenario that represents the best promotional mechanism, timing, and assortment for each item and channel/store, optimizing margins, revenue, or volumes.


Success Story

Discover how Faguo®'s marketing and sales teams reduced their supplier orders by 21% and increased their margin rate by 20% thanks to Verteego's recommendations.

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Verteego for your industry


Reduce the environmental impact of your business activities and optimize profitability.


Make a difference by planning optimal promotions for your e-commerce website with just a few clicks.


Anticipate the impact of your promotions on future sales and quickly identify the most profitable products during promotional campaigns.

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Want to know more about what Verteego can bring to your promotionnal sales forecasts?

Anticipate sales volume with Verteego's predictive models

Verteego's predictive models are now used in promotional and permanent sales forecasts over the quarter or year. There are several advantages to choosing these AI solutions to support your company's decision-making process.

Reduced risk of stock-outs

Thanks to Verteego's artificial intelligence, it is possible to anticipate purchasing trends and consequently reduce stock-outs. To do this, probability calculations are performed on each model designed with the help of algorithms. You can then estimate their efficiency coefficient and adopt a better sales plan.

This forecasting method allows you to quickly process a large volume of variables. It also provides you with precise answers concerning the viability of the client's business over the next few years.

Control of storage and logistics costs

The storage of products for sale has a cost, and this cost must be taken into consideration in order to optimize the company's turnover.

Verteego's AI ensures a perfect control of the storage costs each year, but also those of the logistics. Indeed, important logistic means are used for the conservation of products. These are used in the calculation of the company's expenses and its viability coefficient. They can be optimized with the training of Verteego's predictive models.

Optimization of the freshness of the products and the end of waste

Ensuring that fresh products are available in each outlet helps to optimize sales volumes over the quarter or year. Customers are more reassured about the quality of the food and products purchased. Also, estimating the rate of sale helps reduce food waste related to not selling items until the expiration date.

Better customer satisfaction

Using artificial intelligence to optimize pricing and sales forecasting ensures a quick turnaround of inventory. On average, consumers are more satisfied when they find the product they are looking for in your store at an optimal price. Also, CRM's choice of the ideal time to launch promotional sales contributes to the satisfaction of each customer.

A relief for forecasting teams

Using Verteego's predictive models to calculate future sales greatly reduces the work your forecasting team will have to do. Your forecasting team will only have to insert the information that the machine needs to solve each equation.

With this forecasting method, your company's human resources can be used for other purposes. For example, the staff can participate in training or brainstorming sessions to increase the company's turnover.

Improve sales forecasting and product availability in stores

Anticipating consumer buying behavior can be done by solving a multivariate equation using Verteego's AI. This method allows to adjust, with a better accuracy, the supply of stocks in the different points of sale and to increase the turnover of a company.

Machine learning for sales forecasting

Machine learning is the foundation of artificial intelligence. Several CRMs and e-commerce giants have used Verteego's AI technology to improve their decision making and sales.

Sales forecasting techniques are now automated within retail companies. This ensures that your sales target is met and your business runs smoothly for the next few years.

Whether it is for promotional sales or permanent sales, it is easier thanks to machine learning to predict the rate of sold out stocks. These probability calculations are also feasible in case of a global crisis such as the COVID-19 epidemic.

The effectiveness of Verteego's predictive methods for the design of a marketing plan is therefore no longer in doubt. Artificial intelligence is indeed able to anticipate purchasing behavior in all circumstances and to help forecasting teams in their calculations.

Better supplied points of sale with Verteego's AI

Defining the amount of inventory allocated to each store can be a daunting task. However, Verteego's predictive models help companies in supplying both physical and virtual stores. This reduces the risk of unsold products and stock-outs.

Artificial intelligence is particularly effective in simultaneously anticipating and optimizing sales figures. To do this, the machine performs a thorough analysis of internal and external data using sophisticated techniques.

Also, consumer browsing information is used to determine which product will be most in demand. Replenishments at the point of sale are then made according to the probability of purchase of the items.

Optimize sales forecasting by industry

The predictive models designed by Verteego's team can be used in several industries to anticipate sales volumes.

Mass distribution

Accurate sales forecasting is a real asset in the mass distribution industry. Using Verteego's predictive methods will help your company limit out-of-stocks, optimize pricing and improve merchandising.

Luxury and fashion

Artificial intelligence applied to the sale of luxury goods allows to anticipate with more precision the sales volumes. It would then be wise to employ the best predictive model to improve promotional pricing. This will allow you to increase traffic at each point of sale and reach your sales objectives.

Pharmaceutical industry

Many pharmaceutical companies use Verteego's predictive methods to achieve accurate demand modeling. This also works to reduce out-of-stock situations.


The machine learning tool developed by Verteego allows companies in the food service industry to study the preferences of their customers. This allows them to optimize their assortment and their commercial strategy over a relatively long period of time. They can also choose the best timing for promotional operations.


Improved decision making in the insurance industry has become a reality thanks to machine learning. Now, solutions based on this technology can accurately predict sales in the financial services industry. Similarly, the average delighted customer is growing over time.

Specialized retail

The use of Verteego's predictive models in the specialized retail sector has enabled several companies to optimize their inventory management. These solutions support you in refining prices, choosing the right assortment and supplying the points of sale.

Consumer goods

Sales forecasting is fully automated with AI solutions designed by Verteego. Excess inventory and unsold items in the consumer goods industry are now reduced. It also becomes easier for retail companies to optimize their promotional operations and marketing plan.

Tourism and events

Verteego provides companies specialized in tourism and events with an AI platform based on machine learning. It will allow them to accurately predict traffic peaks and optimize pricing. This is to improve their business strategy to increase ticket sales.


Take advantage of Verteego's predictive models for pharmacy purchasing management. These solutions are an effective way to reduce out-of-stocks and optimize the merchandising of your drug products.


Optimizing manufacturing flows in industries is becoming a reality thanks to predictive models generated by companies like Verteego. This makes it easier for companies to perfect the distribution of their products and to evaluate the buying trend. Also, resources are better streamlined in manufacturing companies in order to reach their goals faster.