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Verteego integrates with your tools to plan your sales, optimize your promotions, your marketing mix modelling, your pricing strategy and your assortments.

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Sales and stock clearance

Verteego processes your data on an ongoing basis to create sales and clearance plans tailored to your business constraints and objectives.

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Promotion planning

Effective promotions boost customer satisfaction, especially in times of inflation. However, a stock-out can quickly damage a brand's reputation. Promotional planning is a tricky business, requiring the consideration of multiple determining factors in order to choose the ideal promotional mix.

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Marketing Mix Modeling

For your display, search, video, native, social network or live advertising campaigns, our optimization models offer precise, personalized recommendations to simplify your decision-making.

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Effective pricing has a direct impact on your company's long-term growth and profitability. However, it's a complex process that requires you to consider many factors, such as production costs, competition and market trends.

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Assortment strategy, whether in-store or online, is crucial to success in times of inflation. If well implemented, it attracts customers, enriches their experience and encourages consumption.

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Dive into an exclusive demo of the platform to discover how Verteego helps you optimize your promos.

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Success Story

Find out how Faguo optimized its promotions with Verteego.

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