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Traffic forecast

At the heart of the tourism and transport sector, the anticipation of customer and visitor traffic flows is a vital need for the economic and operational organisation of the entire value chain.

Verteego Brain proposes to integrate all the parameters specific to your activity as well as all the external parameters useful to identify with increased precision all future traffic at the finest analysis grid (time, typology, location, channel...). Thanks to its technology, Verteego Brain allows you to disseminate daily forecasts within all the tools of your organization.

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Sales forecasting

Corollary of traffic, sales forecasting is a strategic subject for any player in the sector. In a sector where profitability depends on good operational management, it becomes key to proactively ensure predictive monitoring of sales.

With its ability to decipher business trends, Verteego Brain provides sales and marketing teams with automated sales forecastings at all levels and automates your performance monitoring.

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Activity sizing

At the heart of transport, logistics, reception and tourism activities, the setting up of adequate teams and resources to cope with the workload is a daily challenge.

Thanks to its ability to anticipate peaks in load and traffic thanks to its machine learning models, Verteego Brain is a valuable team member within your teams to inform, anticipate and also size resources.

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Forecasting team and intervention planning

At all levels, the customer/support teams are at the heart of your daily life. Setting up a team planning is a time-consuming task that requires a perfect understanding of all operational issues but also of external constraints (weather, seasonality, day...).

By analyzing all operational data and integrating all relevant external constraints, Verteego Brain enables you to generate optimal forecasting schedules and facilitates your daily operations.

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Pricing optimization

In tourism and transport activities, price is a variable parameter that must be adjusted as best as possible according to dynamic and complex constraints. Tariff management thus requires a very significant amount of processing time and resources for non-optimal results.

Thanks to advanced analysis engines that integrate all of the parameters specific to the activity and external parameters, Verteego Brain makes it possible to anticipate the income for each price scenario and thus recommends the optimal tariff combinations for the product grid.

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