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Increased customer support

Insurance companies are looking for innovative ways to improve efficiency and customer experience. Beyond acquiring new customers, all customer relationships must now be proactive and efficient.

Verteego Brain is part of this logic and allows insurers to provide a so-called enhanced support service by providing automated customer case resolution time to help customers better follow up on their requests and maximize satisfaction.

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Activity sizing

At the heart of the insurance industry's challenges, the improvement of back-office practices and the optimization of all resources are constant subjects of innovation.

Verteego Brain is part of this logic and enables insurers to analyze all historical call charges, requests and activities to provide a daily flow forecasting solution to customer teams in order to recommend the best decisions for organization and resource allocation (planning, intervention).

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Anticipation of customer dissatisfaction

The strategies of insurance companies come together around the satisfaction of their customers (companies and individuals). This indicator is measured in particular on the basis of exchanges and all general satisfaction surveys.

By carrying out an in-depth and intelligent analysis of the elements, Verteego Brain provides the means for companies to identify upstream the least satisfied customers and recommends actions (making contact) to improve their satisfaction and anticipate departures (CHURN).

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