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Prévision des repas dans les cantines scolaires

Grâce à nos modèles de prédiction, les cantines scolaires de Nantes métropole ont réussi à éviter la préparation de 430 repas en trop ce qui a permis au personnel scolaire d'affiner leurs prévisions de commandes.

Interview de notre COO par Stéphane Soumier

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Forecast of the number of covers

In the restaurant business, knowing the right number of place settings for future services is a major issue for stock and staff planning. This need is all the more complicated to take into account in fast-food chains where the criterion of freshness of the dishes is constrained by a short time frame and where the dishes to be prepared in the coming hours have to be planned. Knowing the off-peak days and times also makes it possible to better target the various promotional operations.

The machine learning-based forecasting technologies made available through the Verteego Brain platform allow you to optimize your supply, the preparation of dishes according to schedules and staff planning in order to allow an extremely fast return on investment.

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Plan orders per dish

Forecasting the right number of dishes to be served per day is a particularly complex subject which, in many establishments, is left to simple intuition. Indeed, customer behavior when ordering is influenced by many factors (season, time of day, weather, events of the year, mood of the day, etc.).

Verteego Brain's artificial intelligence is able to identify the importance of some of these criteria in detail, communicate them to you in a transparent manner and integrate them into your forecasts in order to provide you automatically and with a high degree of reliability with the precision that will allow you to plan your stocks and preparations more precisely.

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Optimization of promotions

Over the last fifteen years or so, the restaurant sector has largely innovated its marketing and adopted promotional mechanisms similar to those of retail chains (discounts on the price of dishes or menus, free meals, free drinks, price differences according to the time of day and day, etc.). However, their objective remains very different, since it consists mainly of filling capacity during off-peak hours and days.

With Verteego Brain, not only will you be able to more accurately forecast your traffic on the different days of your planning schedule, but Verteego Brain's optimization features will also allow you to optimize your promotional actions by establishing different traffic scenarios depending on the promotional actions you are planning.

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Introduction of new dishes

As when assembling a high fashion collection, renewing your card is a puzzle whose success is largely due to the talent and experience of the chef and manager.

Nevertheless, by analyzing past orders, artificial intelligence can assist you in identifying certain recurring patterns in your customers' preferences and allow you to bring more visibility to this process. Verteego Brain will help you identify the main factors that make some dishes work well and others less so and will allow you to forecast the impact that the introduction of one or more new dishes will have on your sales.

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