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Verteego, the augmented decision-making platform, chosen by Europcar Mobility Group for optimizing its vehicle fleet.

by Louise-Camille Bouttier (Rumeur Publique)

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As Europe's leading car and utility vehicle rental company, Europcar Mobility Group has teamed up with Verteego, an AI-powered decision-making platform, to streamline its vehicle procurement and sales processes, enhancing fleet management.

Covid-19, activity fluctuations, shortages, new consumption patterns... Effectively allocating the right vehicles in the right quantity to the right locations has become a delicate exercise, requiring the implementation of sophisticated methods. Additionally, the lack of speed and flexibility in traditional fleet management tools makes them unsuitable for considering the numerous constraints faced by rental companies (e.g., dynamic coefficients to choose optimal vehicle arrival times, precise geographical zone management, simplified addition of information, etc.).

Europcar Mobility Group wished to renew its fleet management system, relying on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to generate optimized fleet plans while simplifying and accelerating the entire process.

The easy integration of economic and operational constraints, along with the ability to revise them in real-time to propose the best possible fleet management policy, were key criteria in the specifications.

In this context, Europcar Mobility Group opted for the Verteego platform, a next-generation decision intelligence solution based on a unique combination of forecasting and optimization algorithms.

With Verteego, Europcar Mobility Group implemented a planning system that instantly considers the main variations in the environment (e.g., vehicle sales conditions, prices proposed by suppliers, fleet regionalization, business rules, customer needs, etc.), directing fleet management teams towards optimized decisions while considering future flows and business constraints specific to Europcar Mobility Group.

The first results emerged only a few months into this collaboration. Thanks to the new platform, the automation of operational constraints has already been fully achieved. In the long term, Verteego's accelerated computing speed should enable Europcar Mobility Group to test differents scenarios before selecting the best one.

For Virginie Piogère, Group Fleet Planning Manager at Europcar Mobility Group, these initial months of collaboration prove promising.

"Verteego is a powerful decision support tool. Our fleet plan generation time should significantly decrease, and the quality of the solutions selected should improve. In the coming months, we hope to transition from a static fleet plan, generated occasionally and manually adjusted several times a year, to an automated dynamic planning that will allow us, almost in real-time, to test the best hypotheses based on the evolution of our environment." A notably encouraging and promising statement regarding the future of this collaboration.

About Verteego

Verteego is a decision intelligence platform designed for the world of commerce. It enables the optimization and automation of all decisions related to inventory and logistics management, purchases, pricing and promotions, assortment, and human resources management.

Verteego's technology
combines two types of algorithms: predictive AI, capable of anticipating future demand flows with high precision, and decision AI, allowing for the right decision while considering the specific constraints of each business. Verteego caters to players in large-scale distribution, specialized retail, e-commerce, transportation, and industry. Among its references are Monoprix, Système U, Europcar Mobility Group, Manutan, Manpower, Faguo, Alter Pharma, and more

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