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Benefit from the best of AI to provide you with the most accurate forecasts on the market.

In an increasingly volatile world, accurate and reliable forecasting tools have become essential.

Verteego's highly accurate predictive AI models will help you forecast permanent and promotional sales across all channels, anticipate out-of-stock situations in your stores or warehouses, improve cash flow availability and anticipate peak and off-peak traffic in your shops or online channels.

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Simulate a multitude of promotional, pricing and assortment scenarios to increase your revenues, margins and sales volumes.

Choosing the perfect pricing, the most profitable promotional strategy or the optimal assortment has become a real headache in a constantly changing market.

Verteego's AI will automatically identify the best performing scenarios for you in real time, finely tuned to your multiple channels, product categories and geographic regions, while taking into account your business objectives and constraints.

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Reduce the time spent by your teams on forecasting and planning tasks and free up the creativity needed to invent your business of tomorrow.

By entrusting Verteego's predictive software with some of the tasks related to forecasting and simulation, not only will you significantly reduce the time spent by your teams on these time-consuming subjects thanks to its quick implementation and ease of use, but you will also free up precious brain time to respond to the many strategic issues that are essential to inventing your business of tomorrow.

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Much more than algorithms...

Benefit from all the advantages of a forecasting software that is interoperable, scalable, transparent, explainable, configurable, responsible,...

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We are a team with recognized expertise in artificial intelligence and forecasting systems, which brings together :

  • Multidisciplinary data scientists (computer science, mathematics, biology, chemistry, linguistics, etc.), resulting from scientific research, to create cutting-edge algorithms.
  • Experienced software engineers to design and build simple, robust and secure solutions
  • Operational leaders from successful startups, large companies, consulting firms, prestigious research institutes, etc.

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Listed by Gartner

Verteego listed by Gartner as a representative vendor in the "Market Guide for Retail Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions 2021"

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