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How to choose the optimal promotional mix?

Effective promotions enhance customer satisfaction, especially during inflationary periods, but a stockout can quickly damage brand image. Promotional planning is complex as it relies on considering numerous factors that strongly influence the choice of the optimal promotional mix. With Verteego:

  • Anticipate demand accurately for promoted products
  • Optimize your selection of products, target points of sale, and promotional mechanisms to use
  • Avoid excess stock at the end of promotions
  • Significantly increase your margins and revenues
  • Automate your processes and gain flexibility
  • Reduce your supply chain costs and environmental impact
  • Save time and resources
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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Your optimal promotional plan in just a few clicks

On a daily basis, Verteego's AI recommends the best promotional mix at the granularity of your choice, according to your business constraints and commercial objectives (increased margins, stock clearance, etc.).

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Manage your operations using our 100% customised interfaces

Analyse the impact of promotions on your sales trends and business objectives, such as turnover and margins. Use customised filters by point of sale, brand or product to refine your analysis.

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Make smart decision. Boost your promotions effectiveness.

ROI < 6 months

Up to +5%

promotional revenue

Reach the maximum sales potential for each of your promotions

Up to -20%

unsold promotional items

Anticipate demand accurately for promoted products

Up to -35%

promotional management costs

Automate your promotional processes and remain flexible

For Chronodrive

Success Story

Sebastien Picard – CEO
at Chronodrive

« Promotions are extremely complex and require real expertise. We had the choice between developing in-house solutions that would be lengthy and costly or selecting experts in the market. The objective was also to relieve our teams from low-value tasks to allow them to focus on other core business aspects. »

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Rapid integration into your IT ecosystem

No changes in processes or organization

  • Adaptability to your specific challenges while considering your unique constraints.
  • Seamless and rapid 'no code' integration, preserving your workflow.
  • Absolute data protection ensuring integrity and confidentiality.
  • Precise predictive accuracy through our Verteego Magic Data™️ (weather, local events, seasonality), allowing you to achieve your goals with peace of mind

Our technology

Verteego, among the leaders in its sector

Verteego recognized in 2021 and 2022 by Gartner as a representative provider in the "Market Guide for Retail Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions"

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