Our mission

Help our customers reinvent themselves through artificial intelligence

In a world transformed by cognitive technologies, established organizations must anticipate their own disruption.
Experts in data science and publisher of an artificial intelligence platform, we provide them with the required technical and human resources to reinvent their business model.

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Our know-how

Design turnkey, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions

Verteego is your R&D partner dedicated to artificial intelligence. Thanks to our proprietary technology, our multidisciplinary teams and our strong links to scientific research, we design and deploy the solutions that will form the foundation of your organization of tomorrow.


Verteego Brain

The first technology that lends brain power to your teams

Our Verteego Brain technology brings together a set of algorithms and data processors, which feed a network of intelligent applications that your teams can activate. Distributed entirely throughout the cloud, its near-unlimited computing power will open up entirely new perspectives for your organization.