Why SaaS?

A technology and business model Verteego has pioneered in non-financial data management and will forever stick to

At Verteego, not only are we the pioneer in non-financial data management SaaS, we also define the future standards of SaaS and have the ambition to become to non-financial data management what Salesforce is to CRM.

Beware of software providers who claim to do SaaS and other delivery models: SaaS means ALL users exploit the exact same source code and infrastructure at any moment. From the moment there are 2 infrastructures and versions, so-called SaaS users (actually more ASP, or Application Service Providers) pay for the maintenance of the ASP or on-premises installed base. At Verteego, we make software but we actually don’t sell software: we provide a service to our users, who are free to walk away if the value is not delivered. Hence our drive to enhance customer success!

Our aim is to bring value to our users by
helping them focus on their core missions


  • When it comes to flexibility, Verteego is second to none and will adapt any need your organization might have today and tomorrow
  • SaaS means ‘no software updates anymore’! The service is updated and improved on an ongoing basis
  • Verteego is meant to be used, not purchased! No use would mean no subscription, which would signify we are out of business. So we try harder
  • A tool located in the cloud is the only viable architecture to engage third parties such as suppliers, customers, NGOs, media, partners and potential hirees. Which explains why, when it comes to non-financial data, a system located in the cloud is the only viable option

  • No CAPEX, just OPEX: meaning Verteego will not impact the balance sheet of your organization
  • No IT resources needed (human or hardware)
  • No other hidden costs such as mandatory upgrades or optional hotlines: it is all included and Verteego guarantees it is the end of ancient software to its community of users
  • Your data is secure in our State-of-the-Art, third-party verified architecture and IT infrastructure, and in case our systems are to interoperate, your organization fully decides on which data to extract from your information systems

Les solutions Verteego : maintes fois primées et récompensées

Lauréat du tremplin Innov’Eco

Lauréat du Tremplin Innov’Eco spécial “Economie du Carbone”


Top level

Real-time predictive analytics

Corporate Social Responsibility

Energy & Carbon Performance

Environment, Health & Safety



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Verteego combines innovative technology and customer-centric services to improve your performance

How about Some Facts about Verteego?

Sites managed
Different sustainability KPIs managed daily
Chemical substances tracked
Product Life Cycles run

Financial partners

Verteego has been proudly funded by top class investment firms and gouvernmental organizations dedicated to new technologies and clean tech. 




The sun is never set on Verteego

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Success stories

A glimpse of work we’ve done for
forward thinking brands and clients

Global Performance Footprinter : UNIMEV

REACh Survey for aerospace suppliers: Snecma (Safran)

Environmental accounting: Danone

Climate/energy accounting for 26 towns: Community of Sarreguemines

CSR reporting for a European property development group: Rabot Dutilleul

Regulatory carbon & energy reporting: Quiksilver / Na Pali

Environmental reporting for 100 construction sites: Andrade Gutierrez

Product & corporate CSR software + services: Konica Minolta

Environmental sustainability reporting: Le Bon Marché Group (LVMH)

I.T. asset resource efficiency reporting of a major retail bank: La Banque Postale

Climate/energy accounting for 6 towns: Community of Val-et-Forêt

Event carbon calculator: French Motorsport Federation

CSR reporting: Stéarinerie Dubois

Aerospace supply chain REACh traceability: Safran Messier-Bugatti-Dowty

Environmental sustainability reporting: Guerlain (LVMH)

Environmental accounting: O2 Telefonica

Environmental sustainability systems: Paris Region Chamber of Commerce

Environmental reporting for 2 luxury hotels in Paris: Hilton Arc-de-Triomphe & Le Bristol

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Verteego is the pioneer of Big Data applied to sustainability. Our teams work day-in and day-out together to deliver to our clients the most amazing projects bringing sustainable performance through insightful data intelligence.


Jeremy FAIN
Co-founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director of Marketing, Public Affairs and Customer Relations
Verteego tags: corporate strategy, business development, publics affairs

Past experience tags: financial auditing, technology partnerships, software marketing

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, Director of Product Management
Verteego tags: platform strategy, roadmap prioritization, customer development

Past experience tags: strategy consulting, web marketing, web development

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Director of Professional Services
Verteego tags: complex projects, innovation, customer success

Past experience tags: international, management of large projects, CSR policy

Chief Technology Officer
Verteego tags: software architecture, information security, scalable IT infrastructures

Past experience tags: banking, insurance, telecommunications

Olivier AUBERT
Member of the Board of Directors
Verteego tags: strategy, sustainability, quality assurance

Past experience tags: large projects, natural resources, design thinking

Member of the Board of Directors
Verteego tags: financial management, legal, management control

Past experience tags: banking, finance, taxation

Member of the Board of Directors
Verteego tags: SaaS, international expansion, marketing

Past experience tags: cloud software, CRM, ERP

About Verteego

Verteego is the worldwide pioneer of Big Data solutions for sustainability  and a leader in non financial reporting solutions and real-time predictive analytics working for large and medium organizations worldwide



All organizations have been looking for ways to improve their business sustainability. Once their strategy gets defined, these companies need systems to deliver results: to make people collaborate, to make sure managers are accountable for their results, to ensure executives can leverage their promises and targets, to build trust and relationships with third parties (suppliers, customers, NGOs, investors, analysts, medias, etc.).

Verteego helps businesses deliver measurable results. Verteego provides cloud solutions to help organizations manage the resources and performance of both their operations and their products and services the most effective manner.

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Powerful and simple software
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