Determine sales trends by context

Christmas Holidays, Black Friday, special sales, our highly trained predictive models will help you in your decision making process for all the promotional activities of the year.

  • Control your HR costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce your out-of-stock in POS, drive and e-commerce
  • Control your storage costs
  • Optimize the freshness of your products
  • Stop food waste
  • Optimize your logistics costs

Machine learning and sales forecasting

Why is machine learning an indispensable technology in sales forecasting? How and why should it be implemented in a sales strategy?

Forecasting methods have been strongly disrupted in recent years with the advent of machine learning and intelligent predictive models to address many business issues. It is now easier to optimize strategic flows thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. Many leading companies in their market have understood this and have decided, thanks to this new precision tool, to take the road to perfect omnicanality.

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