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Anticipate stock-outs

How deep is the buffer stock kept in your warehouse? What supplies should you choose for a particular point of sale? Our proven predictive models can help your supply chain teams in these areas.

Forecast your inventory with high accuracy

Gain a competitive edge with AI-powered inventory management. With Verteego's intelligent platform, you'll stay one step ahead by anticipating stock needs with precision, responding to customer demand faster, and keeping your business ahead of the competition.

While solutions exist for collecting and processing data from a structure, these often have limited processing power and do not allow for accurate and rapid analysis of stocks.

The Verteego solution allows, thanks to machine learning, to quickly identify customer behavior at the point of sale. By identifying trigger products and their frequency of purchase, Verteego is able to predict stocks accurately.

Would you like to assess the ROI before you start ?

Our proven ROI assessment methodology quantifies the value our solutions bring to your bottom line.



We evaluate your current data and processes and define potential use cases with you.



We will provide you with a study that will explain the impact of machine learning and the most promising AI use cases.



By comparing your historical data to the predictions and simulations generated by Verteego, we test your solution on your real data.

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Want to know more about what Verteego can bring to your sales forecasts?