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Identify the best promotional strategy every day

Verteego's AI continuously simulates multiple promotional scenarios and techniques for each of your item-sales channel pairs and helps you identify the scenario that meets your optimization criteria (sales, margins, volumes, etc.).


  • Optimize your promotion plans in real time
  • Connect the recommendations generated by Verteego directly with your TPM (Trade and
  • Promotion Management)
  • Optimize your sales volumes across your different channels
  • Control your brand strategy
  • Reduce overstock
  • Increase your margins with AI
  • Optimize your promotional mix compared to the competition
  • Control the time spent by your forecasting teams
  • Leverage purchase history to optimize your promotions

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Would you like to evaluate the ROI before you start ?

Our evaluation methodology will enable you to quantify Verteego's contribution to your business.



We evaluate your current data and processes and define potential use cases with you.



We will provide you with a study that will explain the impact of machine learning and the most promising AI use cases.



By comparing your historical data to the predictions and simulations generated by Verteego, we test your solution on a real-world use case.

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