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Identify the best pricing strategy taking into account your objectives and constraints

Unlock the full potential of your pricing strategy with Verteego's AI-powered decision intelligence platform. Artificial intelligence will allow you to take a step forward in the development of your dynamic pricing strategy and give you a head start on the competition. Our advanced models enable you to calculate price elasticity for each product and sales point, and simulate multiple pricing scenarios to determine the optimal strategy and assist your teams in in setting the right price. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence for dynamic pricing.


  • Optimize pricing for all your products
  • Define a scalable pricing strategy
  • Increase your margins
  • Optimize your pricing strategy compared to the competition
  • Reduce the time spent by your teams on pricing definition

Pricing strategy

Use Case Pricing - Car rental

Download our case study and find out how a leading car rental company optimised its pricing strategy by automating its pricing grids with unparalleled accuracy.


Would you like to assess the ROI before you start ?

Our proven ROI assessment methodology quantifies the value our solutions bring to your bottom line.



We evaluate your current data and processes and define potential use cases with you.



We will provide you with a study that will explain the impact of machine learning and the most promising AI use cases.



By comparing your historical data to the predictions and simulations generated by Verteego, we test your solution on a real-world use case.

AI-powered pricing optimization for your industry

Mass Retail

Adapt your sales prices thanks to artificial intelligence

Simulate the sales behaviour of a new product line taking into account your pricing

Speciality Retail

Rationalise your prices according to your market constraints thanks to our predictive algorithms

Identify potential margin gains from your unsold products thanks to machine learning


Find out how Verteego can help you optimise the price of your products according to the acquisition channel

Simulate the impact of a price on new product launches ad infinitum


Feed your production planning tools with reliable forecasts

Determine the most profitable spot price in advance of production

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