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Anticipate stock-outs

How deep is the buffer stock kept in your warehouse? What supplies should you choose for a particular point of sale? Our proven predictive models can help your supply chain teams in these areas.

  • Control your HR costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce your out-of-stock in POS, drive and e-commerce
  • Increase your market share

Forecast your stocks with precision

Managing your inventory with the learning machine not only allows you to respond efficiently to customer demand, it is also a definite competitive advantage. Benefit from the power of artificial intelligence to anticipate your stocks with precision.

While solutions exist for collecting and processing data from a structure, these often have limited processing power and do not allow for accurate and rapid analysis of stocks.

The Verteego solution allows, thanks to machine learning, to quickly identify customer behavior at the point of sale. By identifying trigger products and their frequency of purchase, Verteego is able to predict stocks accurately.

Machine learning at the service of stock forecasting

Verteego's business experience has shown that structures wish to plan their stocks to ensure product availability on the shelf while avoiding overstocking. Optimizing stock forecasting thanks to machine learning has many advantages for these structures:

Considerable increase in sales efficiency.

Thanks to better stock forecasting, Verteego allows a better product availability on the shelf.

Increased safety stock

Verteego platform enables the generation of more accurate replenishment forecasts for slow-moving items.

Better understanding of patterns

Machine learning, thanks to its multiplied computing speed, allows correlating data that do not appear to be linked together.

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