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Optimize your cash flow through better forecasting

Thanks to the computing power of our AI, improve the reliability of your medium and long term analyses and control cash flow management. Our platform integrates data from all your software packages (TMS, ERP, HR system, etc.) and automatically feeds our predictive models.

  • Control your financial flows
  • Optimize your WCR

A tailor-made partnership to support you

Verteego teamed up with Redbridge: a recognized expert in the international financial management advisory market. Thanks to this incomparable alliance with two distinct areas of expertise which ensures end-to-end knowledge of a financial project with AI, Verteego can offer your organization tailor-made recommendation with proven tools and methods, a complementary team data scientists and financial consultants.

  • Control your financial flows
  • Optimize your working capital requirements

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Sucess story : Optimisation du cashflow

Les retailers font face à de nombreux défis concernant la gestion de leurs points de vente. Outre la gestion des stocks, des prix ou de l’expérience client, la gestion des flux financiers représente une problématique centrale. Prévoir le chiffre d’affaires sur une période définie afin d’obtenir une meilleure visibilité des principaux flux financiers est devenu une priorité absolue.

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