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Retailers face many challenges in managing their stores. In addition to inventory management, pricing and customer experience, cash flow management is a key issue. Forecasting sales over a defined period of time in order to get a better visibility of the main financial flows has become a top priority.

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Permanent sales forecasting

In specialized distribution networks, understanding the sales mechanisms of daily life is a central issue. At the heart of this subject is the need to automate the ability to anticipate all sales flows in the short, medium and long term in order to offer optimal service quality, reduce breakdowns but also to ensure the supply of distribution channels (online & offline) while respecting supplier constraints (logistics, procurement, production).

Verteego adapts to your product and business characteristics to automate your sales forecasts and give all your teams a head start.

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Promotional sales forecasting

Choosing the right promotional mechanisms is a key issue for the differentiation strategy of the specialized distribution networks. Many retailers have focused their marketing and pricing strategies on recognizable approaches. But the challenge remains the same: optimizing the overall profitability of the entire promotion portfolio.

With Verteego, you can forecast the level of sales for each of your items and sales channels based on the promotional scenarios you are considering. The accuracy obtained allows you to optimize your marketing actions and also to share an in-depth knowledge of the performance levers of markdowns.

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Optimization of promotional scenarios

Defining the optimal promotional scenario (choice of price, promotion mechanisms, location in the store, merchandising arrangements, duration and timing of the promotion, communication methods and budget, etc.) is a recurring topic.

Verteego offers purchasing, marketing & supply chain departments a dedicated decision-support tool that enables them to analyze thousands of possible scenarios in a very short time and compare their impact on quantities sold, turnover generated and margins.

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Merchandising optimization

Highlighting an article in the point of sale or on your online store is a subject with high added value and cannot be optimized without taking into account all the parameters (packaging, shelf, gondola heads, location in the point of sale, animations, etc.) and the inherent impacts.

Verteego offers valuable support to your marketing teams to calculate the precise result of each of the different combinations in order to help you choose the one that best fits your strategy and the operational, commercial and profitability constraints you have set yourself.

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Understanding sales drivers

At a time of customer knowledge and data massification, it becomes absolutely essential to completely master the explanatory levers of sales at all levels (global up to the reference) and on all channels.

Verteego provides your marketing and sales teams with all the knowledge they need to decipher the parameters of sales performance by showing you the levers for optimization.

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Pricing optimization

The pricing policies of the brands are central subjects that involve the analysis of many parameters specific to sales, products and also external economic issues.

Verteego makes it possible to forecast, for each combination of item/point of sale, the level of sales according to the price scenarios envisaged with the promise of achieving a precision that in the vast majority of cases exceeds that which could be obtained from a simple elasticity calculation, which does not take into account the multiple factors that impact sales, nor the effects that a price variation could have on the other items in the assortment.

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Choosing the optimal assortment

Whether it is a physical or electronic point of sale, the assortment is selected in compliance with multiple constraints (surface area of the point of sale, concept, customer preferences, width and depth of the range, regional specificities, contracts with suppliers, etc.).

By integrating numerous internal, external and calculated variables into its forecasts, Verteego makes it possible to simulate different assortment scenarios while respecting the constraints imposed as well as commercial and profitability objectives.

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Point of sale traffic forecast

Point of sale teams must work on a daily basis for the good management of the point of sale. Anticipating peaks and troughs in footfall makes it possible to answer many commercial (products to be promoted, sales actions to be favored, etc.) and operational (stock levels, sales force planning, etc.) questions.

Verteego analyzes your store network (characteristics...), your traffic (based on counter data or sales), your actions, and all exogenous parameters to forecast in great detail, both temporally and by type, the traffic in your points of sale.

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