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Success story - Industry

Discover a concrete application of Verteego's technology for a spare parts manufacturer.

Through this problematic you will understand how Verteego's algorithms have allowed client to improve its sales forecasts and as a result stock allocation, production plans and supplier orders.

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Demand forecasting

Forecasting future demand is at the heart of all strategic and planning decisions in an industrial production chain. Good demand management enables the industrial apparatus to be adjusted (quantity, pace, investment) and also enables all logistics operations (storage, transport) to be carried out. A good understanding of the factors influencing demand also becomes a key issue to share with all decision-makers.

Thanks to its machine learning models and proprietary technology, Verteego Brain helps manufacturers to understand & anticipate demand flows on the one hand and on the other hand to optimize their transport, production and storage operations based on optimal scenarios.

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Resource and team sizing

Whether for manufacturing or distribution processes or in the deployment of service offers, industrialists must, through forecasters, dimension and deploy the resources adapted to the activity load (team planning, support activities, interventions...).

Thanks to its ability to anticipate peaks and events, Verteego Brain is a decision support solution for your teams to inform, anticipate as well as dimension your activity in an optimal way.

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Optimization of the S&OP process

S&OP processes can nowadays fail due to a lack of anticipation of the actual sales made through the various distribution channels. Traditional supply chain approaches and existing systems do not integrate all the parameters and do not allow you to effectively exploit all your sources of information.

Verteego Brain provides high-precision forecasting of your flows and feeds your supply chain and production teams with all the information they need to make operational decisions.

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