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Success story E-commerce

Discover a concrete case study of Verteego's technology used by a major player in non-food e-commerce.

Learn how predictive technologies can help you to better anticipate your order flows on your online store and to better manage your warehouse teams.


Sales forecast by channel

Optimize with more precision the distribution of click & collect, home delivery or drop-shipping sales thanks to predictive analysis and manage your logistics flows accordingly.

For an e-commerce retailer, predicting the most efficient sales mix for click and collect or home delivery is an absolute priority in order to manage its warehouse or point of collection resources.

With Verteego's predictive commerce solution, automate your sales forecasts and give all your teams a head start in processing

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Promotional sales forecasting

Choosing the right promotional mechanisms is a key issue for the differentiation strategy of the specialized distribution networks. Many retailers have focused their marketing and pricing strategies on recognizable approaches. But the challenge remains the same: optimizing the overall profitability of the entire promotion portfolio.

With Verteego, you can forecast the level of sales for each of your items and sales channels based on the promotional scenarios you are considering. The accuracy obtained allows you to optimize your marketing actions and also to share an in-depth knowledge of the performance levers of markdowns.

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Online merchandising optimization

Anticipating demand and the risk of stock-outs on slow-moving products is a complex issue that many e-tailers suffer from because it impacts customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the powerful predictive models of the Verteego application, anticipate sales volumes on low sellers and more precisely dose overstocking or understocking decisions according to the business objective determined in the platform.

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