Verteego at Pollutec

Verteego shared a booth with Durapole this year at Pollutec, a tradeshow in Lyon that is dedicated to the all things green and clean(tech). The tradeshow itself was big. Really big. Companies involved in every aspect of sustainable development from France, Europe, and the rest of the world were there. There were literally thousands of booths, companies, and people there, which made Pollutec well worth the cost of attending.

With so many organizations there, all of which are involved in sustainability, Pollutec was the perfect place to advertise Verteego Report and Verteego Carbon. Both products went over very well with the people we met there. Verteego Carbon was particularly well received, and we got a lot of great feedback on the product. In general, people were very impressed and intrigued by what Verteego Carbon offered them. It is always nice to get some real world feedback on our products, and we feel we learned much about what our clients want and expect from our tools.