A powerful big data platform to build customized apps for your teams

Verteego is a cloud platform that can be connected to your data or collect new data from all over your organization. Simple user interfaces designed following your specifications will allow your teams to get the most out of their data by calculating, analyzing and predicting things.


How does our solution work?

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Your apps are built on top of our full-stack platform


Extract & Collect

Putting different kinds of data together into one single repository is the basic on which any data management app should rely on. Thanks to the Verteego platform, you'll be able to connect your apps to many existing data sources and streams, inside and outside your organization. With Verteego, you can also run data collection campaigns using the powerful integrated reporting manager to collect data elements that are not yet organised within your current IT systems.


Transform & Process

In many cases you'll need to run various calculations & transformations based on the data streams you've put together. Verteego's integrated KPI engine lets you define as many indicators and calculation workflows as necessary in order to set up the right elements required by your teams.


Analyse & Visualise

Analysis and data visualisation are the moments where data is converted into valuable information for your teams. This is also where all the user experience and design efforts we've put into Verteego will be most appreciated. Verteego comes bundled with a comprehensive suite of analytics and visualization tools that are powerful enough to handle large amounts of data easily and simple enough to put it directly into the hands of your teams without needing any specific technical support.


Forecast & Prescript

Prediction is the last layer in the data management stack because once you have a good view on what happened in the past you'll be able to see what the future will look like from different angles. Verteego offers multiple integrated prediction and machine learning algorithms that will allow you to obtain quick results without being an expert in the matter or having to set up your own team of data scientists.

Want to know more about our platform?

Behind the scenes

A highly secured cloud platform, mobile-ready apps

The power of the cloud

Verteego is entirely hosted in the cloud. Which means you don't need to download any software or run complicated installs. All you need is a browser.

Running your data management applications directly from the cloud has also many non technical benefits for you and your team:
- Contemporary user experience inspired by the most popular consumer apps
- Apps can be used on multiple devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)
- Social: juck click a button and your anaytics, dashboards, questionnaires and other content are shared with others users
- No complicated versioning: all our users are on the same version of the software at all times

Top-level security

We want our customers to feel comfortable with the data they are storing on our servers. That's why security is a top priority for our teams.
We try hard to match and outperform the strictest security standards on all modules of our platform and keep them up to date.
All Verteego modules and apps share a comprehensive access management system that will allow you to define precise user roles.

To get more detailed info on our security policy please contact us.

Social & Mobile

A decade ago, mobile was the future. Today, mobile is everywhere. That's why Apps running Verteego can be accessed through various devices.
Your teams may choose to access their user interfaces from wherever they want. Also, social features are embedded at ever corner of the Verteego platform. Just ask and we'll deliver.


More great benefits


Provide your teams with the reporting or predictive apps of their dreams

Verteego maximises the quality of the experience of your users by making you go through the Studio, our in-house app design interactive methodology.


Your reporting or predictive app in just a few weeks

Our unique experience (100+ projects all over the world since 2008), advanced technology and seasoned team makes us capable of delivering apps in a few weeks only from the moment the specs are validated.


We comply with your IT/IS policies

Verteego either matches or goes the extra mile vs. State of the Art information technology and information systems. Don't worry, we're happy to talk with your IT/IS guys to understand their concerns and make our work abide by your internal policies.


We minimize your Total Cost of Operations

Verteego may train you to actually apply modifications by yourself to the configuration of your Verteego apps, so you avoid external costs whenever you need content. Also, our SaaS model goes without surprise: all platform upgrades are forever included.