Verteego Data Suite

The Verteego Data Suite is a one-of-a-kind open source software designed so data scientists, as well as developers willing to work on data science projects, get access to the best data science components. Namely, Verteego has selected Apache NiFi to orchestrate data flows; OpenRefine to clean data and automate data cleaning jobs; Jupyter to script in Python or R or Bash; Superset to analyze and visualize data; and H20 to perform predictive processes and machine learning jobs. Last but not least, Verteego has come up with a cool and unified user interface, a smart mini-EAI so data gets is streamed from Apache NiFi to OpenRefine and back, seamlessly, and we have designed an installation program and documentation to prevent you from spending time installing many software components on your infrastructure. You may install the Verteego Data Suite on your own UNIX premises, or you may also choose to go with the Google Cloud Platform. The Verteego Data Suite is 100% free and open source. However, if you need services (training, onboarding, hosting, support,...), please contact us. You may click on the following link to read the doc and install the Verteego Data Suite, a free and open source Data Science Suite.


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