Verteego expands its ecosystem of global implementation partners

At Verteego, we’ve been working hard on expanding our international network of distribution and implementation partners recently.

A strong distribution and implementation partnership has been established in fast-growing Brazil with top-notch project management and sustainable construction consultancy Proactive Consultoria, whilst discussions with potential partners are still in progress in Spain, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, and India.

As you may have already noticed, taking Spain apart, emerging economies are on the Verteego agenda. We strongly believe that emerging economies are on the verge of reducing the gap with the US & the EU when it comes to fighting climate change – and we’re behaving as such.

We make a strong point in selecting our partners carefully, and making sure our partners choose Verteego for our values and commitment to innovation, and customer satisfaction.

To explore partnership opportunities with Verteego, drop us an email stating your motivation.