« Carbon Management Software to reduce costs », Keenan Hahn, Vice-President of Verteego Carbon North America

Here’s an interview of Keenan Hahn, Chief of North American Operations at Verteego Carbon, a carbon accounting and management enterprise software solution, on French web TV decideurstv.com.

According to Keenan Hahn from Verteego Carbon, the inventory, measurement, management, analysis, reduction and reporting of green house gas (GHG) emissions is an increasingly important business issue in the United States, even though adopters of software solutions still belong to a club of happy fews that will drive tomorrow’s economy. Corporates and large public sector organizations increasingly invest in GHG footprints to assess their climate change impacts. Keenan believes demand for carbon management software will take off seriously in 2010 as soon as the Environmental Protection Agency will have officially passed its GHG Inventory law at Congress right before the Copenhagen Summit in December 2009. The payback for early adopters will then be massive since income statements will be hit by the regulation.

Keenan goes on by stating that companies can justify investing in Verteego Carbon due to the growing financial costs of environmental compliance, operational risks associated with the need to prepare a potential surge of oil and energy prices once the economic crisis will be behind us, reduced costs compared to manual processes and a desire to demonstrate industry leadership on climate change and foster a long term competitive advantage. Keenan Hahn thinks Verteego Carbon also helps businesses streamline their operations and become more efficient, resources-wise.

In a nutshell, Verteego Carbon is about creating value for their customers by enhancing carbon management capabilities with a fully-fledged carbon management software solution.