Verteego unveils its library of application connectors

Thanks to our partnership with the Information Technology department of top-tier engineering University Ecole Centrale Paris (where I took my year of M. Eng. in Computer Science & Telecommunications ;-), we are proud at Verteego to announce the immediate availability of a library of application connectors for sustainability reporting online app Verteego Report and carbon management software-as-a-service Verteego Carbon.

As a start, we chose alongside with 3 highly motivated student-engineers from Ecole Centrale Paris, Matthieu Boutin, Cédric Siéwé, and Denis Pierre, as well as their academic supervisors Christophe Rittano, Olivier Ezratty, and Alexandre Otparlic, to Keep It Simple Stupid and focus on an ERP we know very well at Verteego for being a (very satisfied) customer of them: Indeed, our business operations and back-office are successfully supported by The connector enables Entreprise Facile customers who choose to become customers of Verteego as well (to enhance and manage their sustainability issues) to save time by not having to input data twice! Relevant data from the Entreprise-Facile database is securely and automatically transferred to Verteego Report or Verteego Carbon to help organizations assess and communicate their sustainability, or measure their carbon footprint. is omnipresent amongst small businesses and solos, and we are proud to help these companies reduce the sustainability and carbon reporting gap with larger, more powerful corporations. It is even the very essence of Verteego’s mission.

As soon as this first connector was ready to go, the team went on, hand-in-hand with the Verteego’s product development team led by my partner Rupert Schiessl, to a second connector, with world-leader open source ERP solution Compiere. Now, all organizations that make us of Compiere to run their accounting and finance, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and purchasing efforts can automatically feed Verteego applications and save time as well as reduce the risk of human error when typing in data. Moreover, data is automatically updated, on a frequency that the customer defines directly from the connector interface plugged into Verteego! Compiere is the world-leading ERP on-the-cloud software in the manufacturing, distribution, retail and professional services industries. It is a great information system and company that shares many of the values we have here at Verteego.

Our software architect Vianney de Villemeur has had for a few weeks his team work on a number of new connectors to enlarge the scope of connectors available in the Verteego ERP library. Connectors for applications like SAP (Finance, Manufacturing,…), SAGE / Adonix, Open Sugar CRM, and a number of LDAPs (to import users automatically) are ready-to-go, modulo some time to parameterize them upon requests from our clients. We are seriously thinking of extending our library to Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics Navision and Axapta, Microsoft Active Directory, CEGID, Salesforce and other SAGE software before the end of 2009.

I hope you guys share our enthusiasm of delivering the very best value to our customers by integrating Verteego within their information system and help them make of sustainability a hassle-free commitment!