Tools data scientists should know, according to employers

Data Science Weekly has looked at job offers to see what tools data scientists should know. The following tools for data scientists were mentioned (see the list below: name of the tool and then how many times it was mentioned by employers). And then, we at Verteego, have put in bold the tools we’re providing to data scientists through the Verteego Data Suite.

  1. R x 30
  2. SQL x 27
  3. Python x 22
  4. Hadoop x 19
  5. SAS x 18
  6. Java x 15
  7. Hive x 13
  8. Matlab x 12
  9. Pig x 11
  10. C x 9
  11. Ruby x 9
  12. SPSS x 9
  13. Perl x 8
  14. Tableau x 8
  15. Excel x 6
  16. NoSQL x 5
  17. AWS x 4
  18. C x 4
  19. HBase x 4
  20. Bash x 3

Our conclusion is: first of all, we would like to thank Data Science Weekly deeply for having taken the time too look into fifty job postings targeting data scientists. Second of all, for Verteego it’s a confirmation that we’re being everyday more useful to data scientists in their projects. Last, we’re working hard to be even more relevant 🙂 and rest assured we will keep you posted about how the Verteego Data Suite is getting fine tuned.