The eco-gesture of the day – episode 4: Recycle your phone!

A good friend of mine 😉 recently gave me the idea for this post. His mobile phone suddenly stopped working – he’s going to get a new one of course, but before that… I suggested he’d asked his brother to lend him one of his old phones, he changes them quite often and has several he’s no longer using. Then I remembered I had one or two old phones back at my parents’ place, that no one is using… and I started wondering. What do we do with all these phones that we no longer use?

Global consumer surveys reveal that the majority of old mobile phones are lying in drawers at home and not being recycled… According to a survey recently released by Nokia, only 3% of people recycle their mobile phones despite the fact most have old devices lying around at home that they no longer want. Three out of four people added that they don’t even think about recycling their devices and nearly half were unaware that it is even possible to do so. Hummm…

The survey is based on interviews with 6 500 people in 13 countries (UK, Italy, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Russia, USA, China, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, India, Indonesia and Brazil).

Just think about this: if each of the three billion people globally owning mobiles brought back just one unused device we could save 240 000 tones of raw materials and reduce greenhouse gases to the same effect as taking 4 million cars off the road!

Learn more about how you can recycle your phone and give it a new life: