We publish and operate Verteego Brain, a proprietary artificial intelligence platform that provides our customers with modular, scalable and state-of-the-art solutions.


Verteego Brain

Verteego Brain brings together in one place significant artificial intelligence algorithms and powerful data processing capabilities. Verteego Brain has been built to simulate the capabilities of the human brain (listening, comprehension, vision, oral and written expression, logical optimization, etc.) in order to make these skills available to businesses in order to resolve everyday issues.

The different algorithms in Verteego Brain form the basis of the functions it supports. Modeling capabilities encompass both supervised and unsupervised functions and rely on common machine learning approaches as well as neural networks.

Main benefits

Verteego Brain has been designed to centralize artificial intelligence capabilities and fuel a network of applications with its computational and decision-making skills. It then establishes extremely effectively new use cases of artificial intelligence for your company.

Once equipped with Verteego Brain, the technology will allow you to create new use cases on the go. Thanks to its modular architecture, you can start using it on a single use case before expanding it to new topics.

Thanks to its distributed architecture, Verteego Brain consumes only the resources necessary for its operation.

The challenges of cognitive technologies are game changing for companies and the ambitious project to design a generalist artificial intelligence for businesses can only be tackled through a collaborative approach. That's why we build the new skills of the platform in partnership with our customers and research institutes.


Cloud's power

Verteego Brain is completely cloud-based. Its computing capabilities are distributed on machines around the world. It has been built on the Google infrastructure, which already supports massively used services as the search engine and applications like Youtube or Gmail. This infrastructure guarantees unmatched performance and virtually unlimited scalability.

Verteego Brain was built to ensure absolute control of the data circulating there. At all times, our clients are in control of the geographical locations of data storage and processing.

Verteego Brain is not limited to its own computing abilities. It also opens to many external services, such as Google Cloud Vision or Natural Language API: technologies to expand its area of expertise.

Your data is highly safe

The data security of our customers has been our priority since 2008. We strive to apply and exceed the state of the art in computer security, so that our customers are and remain calm at the thought of entrusting us their data (which remain in all circumstances their exclusive property).

All Verteego Brain modules share a rights management system that will allow you to secure the roles of your different user groups. We will also be able to adapt to industry-specific constraints (banking, export defense, ...)

For more information about our practices for securing your data contact us.


Want to talk about it?

Always more profits


Tailor-made design studio

We maximize the quality of our users' experience by exploring their real needs through a series of workshops, led by our experts, which we call "the studio". The studio takes place in a location specifically arranged for these sessions; it is also a methodology that uses multiple skills (business, animation methods, design, graphics, computer science, data science, ...).


Quick and agile deployment

Our unique experience (100+ projects worldwide since 2008), our advanced technology platform and our multidisciplinary team put Verteego in the position to become your exclusive partner to reinvent your organization around AI. Our goal is to deliver digital services meeting the need expressed in record time, and guarantee the operation of services aftewards.


Compliant with your internal IT security policies

We consistently meet or exceed the state of the art in information security. We are available to interact with your teams in charge of your information systems to listen, understand and adapt to any special requests.


Optimization of total cost of ownership

Once your solution is deployed, the Verteego SaaS model guarantees you a smooth operation without surprises: everything is included in our subscriptions (platform updates, hosting solutions, support, bug fixes, etc.).

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