Systems of differentiation

Ever since I came up on “ERP Modernization“, a blog post by Emmanuel Obadia, Senior VP in charge of ERP X3 at software powerhouse and strategic partner SAGE, I’ve started wondering about Gartner’s classification (systems of record, or differentiation, or innovation) defined in Emmanuel’s blog post, and how Verteego’s solution portfolio fit in.

Obviously, both Carbonpark, the carbon & energy management technology on which an application such as Verteego Carbon is based, and REACH Garden, Verteego’s SVHC traceability-down-the-supply-chain solution, clearly fit in the systems of differentiation category: linking with SAGE’s chart, both solutions enable for better product development as well as optimization of systems and processes. At Verteego we enable our customers to differentiate ie build and foster environmental sustainability as a competitive advantage.

What’s more interesting though is to think of how the Verteego service portolio positions vs. systems of record (our data sources ie legacy systems) and systems of innovation (product and organization reviews). Even though so far our Software Research & Development team at Verteego has done a tremendous job preparing our solutions to be connected with systems of record very smoothly, I believe we’re now at a crossroads where we will start focusing on maximizing interoperability with systems of innovation. Stay tuned!