New features on Verteego Report: Make your sustainability report public!

Team Verteego has just released the Public Report feature for Verteego Report which allows you to publish your organization’s sustainability report online at a personalized URL. Now, on top of managing and sharing your practices with your employees, you can increase your organization’s online presence while positioning it as a leader in sustainable business by promoting your sustainable practices.

Creating your public report is done in three very simple steps:

1. Go to the “Tools” section and enter your custom URL.

2. Choose the topics you would like to share publicly.

3. Publish your sustainability report.

Once your sustainability report is published, your organization will be added to Verteego’s organization directory, which can be accessed from Verteego’s home page.

Note that at any time, you can go back and add or remove topics from your sustainability report or unpublish your report.

Other new features:

The new version of Verteego offers more advanced ways to personalize your report. You can now write personalized comments or provide further explanation on the sentences generated by your responses to the questionnaires. You can also rearrange the order of your report to better emphasize what is important to your organization.

The final new feature we are unveiling today is the ability to download a PDF of your sustainability report, which was developed following high demand from you. For the moment, the PDF of your sustainability report is more or less identical to your online report. The PDF download allows you to have a physical copy of your sustainability report for internal use, to share with stakeholders, or to help your organization attract business by promoting your sustainable practices to potential clients.

These new tools allow you to effectively communicate your organization’s sustainable practices online. They allow you to closely control the information that you share publicly while at the same time, thanks to the personalized URL, making your organization and its stance on sustainability more visible on the web and in online search results.

Finally, the public pages mark the beginning of one of Verteego’s major goals: Creating a community of sustainable organizations centered on promoting and sharing best practices.