6 feet greener with your sustainability report

Hello, I’m Roy.
I have been working at Verteego for only and already one week as a sales consultant. I think it is time to share my first insights on the company, the industry and our customers.
First of all, I have to tell how amazing the Verteego team is. They are, we are, a bench of passionate young guys striving to turn the economy more sustainable.

As a business developer, the first question running through my head is: Why SME’s should use Verteego? What are the benefits of creating a Sustainability Report for your firm?

Answers are as numerous as different depending what you are looking for.

  • For SMEs already very concerned by sustainable development, the value is pretty straightforward: a Sustainability Report will enhance all the efforts they make for being sustainable. You are behaving well; let Verteego communicate your commitment to social responsibility to your clients.
  • For SMEs not already involved in depth in a sustainable development strategy, the value is even more obvious. Let’s take the example of hotel business. As part of this extremely competitive market, make a difference uploading the Verteego label on your website! We guarantee you it will drag a lot of customers who care about the environment like Dutch or German people.
  • As far as manufacturers are concerned, the main value of a Sustainability Report is saving money (think of a transportation company consuming less gas) ! 

For sure there are benefits in creating a Sustainability Report. However, after one week of customer relationships, I have seen some barriers also exist.

  • The main one is the lack of awareness on what Sustainability Reports are. SMEs don’t see the benefit of such an analysis at first sight. Sometimes, they don’t even want to understand what a Sustainability Report could bring to their organization.
  • Another barrier is fear. If they think they are not socially responsible or environmentally friendly, they obviously don’t want to show that up. Nevertheless, creating an Environmental Report and allow customer downloads from your company’s website shows your commitment to get better over the years and openness towards industry benchmarking.

Finally, after one week with Verteego, I am very confident with the value of our products. Our customers see a lot of value in our online enterprise sustainability services!
Our products/employees mix will lead to a bright future for Verteego!

Feel excited about creating your sustainability report for free? Create your sustainability report here with Verteego.com