Verteego Calculates its Carbon Footprint

Using Verteego Carbon, our online carbon management software, Verteego has calculated its carbon footprint. We are proud to report that Verteego was responsible for emissions of just 3.153 tons of carbon equivalents in 2008.

Sustainability and reducing our impact is in our blood here at Verteego, and the results of our carbon assessment were low, as expected. Highlights of our report include:

1) Extremely low home-work travel emissions of 208 kg carbon equivalent due to the fact that all employees take the subway to work.

2) Very low emissions from electricity consumed on-site (544 kg carbon equivalent) due to minimal use of heating and lighting.

3) Exceptionally low emissions from business travel by car (47 kg carbon equivalent) due to the use of lower-emission options, such as rail travel.

Because we are conscious of our impact in the VerteegOffice, we have picked all the low-hanging fruit in terms of reducing our impact. We are very conscious of making use of natural light, minimizing heating, reducing the waste we generate, and choosing low-impact transportation. Nevertheless, calculating our carbon footprint with Verteego Carbon has helped us identify some areas where we can reduce our impact further.

For instance, depreciation of the office, hardware, and furniture accounted for over 60% of our total footprint, and business travel by air accounted for over 80% of our total business travel emissions. It is clear that these are areas where we should focus our reduction efforts in the coming year.

Actions we are looking into for 2009 include better insulating the windows of our office to reduce heating needs, extending the life of our electronics to decrease amortized emissions from depreciation, using more tele- and video-conferencing to reduce business travel, and replacing air travel with train travel, which will save both emissions and costs.

To learn more about Verteego’s carbon management software and carbon consulting options, visit us at Verteego Carbon.