10 reasons SMEs must embrace Sustainability

We speak to many small & medium business owners who come and ask us: why should my company execute a sustainability strategy? Isn’t sustainability a waste of time & money in these difficult economic times?

Our answer is usually the following: SMEs who are not committed to expanding sustainably will die. Sustainability isn’t an option, but a duty, a matter of survival, and also a huge business opportunity.

The ongoing economic turmoil tolls the bell of XXth century way of conducting business. In the new millenium, the greatest entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, leaders and pioneer business managers have been reinventing business practices by taking into account environmental and social criteria as much as the economic criterion in decision-making processes.

Here are 10 reasons small and medium business owners and managers should think for a sec about redefining their strategy and values around the notion of sustainability:

1- Strengthen your brand power
2- Avoid the cost of crisis management by asking yourself questions your competition doesn’t
3- Minimize your reputation risk: what gets measured gets done
4- Increase customer loyalty by displaying how much you care
5- Develop new markets by adding, as an appendix, your sustainability report to your business proposals
6- Attract & retain talents by committing them on sustainability performance in the long term
7- Increase the efficiency of operations: do more with less!
8- Improve products and services design & lifecycle
9– Attract socially responsible investors to develop new projects, business lines, and expand abroad
10- Reduce your environmental footprint: greenhouse gas emissions, waste management cost & energy consumption

The time for sustainable business is now or never.