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Our main strenghts



Composed of engineers, doctors and scientific research alumni, our team brings together data scientists, developers, project managers and UX experts with many years of experience in technology and data. Their common goal is to build products and services augmented by artificial intelligence, while placing the end user at the heart of the design.



We design and operate the Verteego Brain platform, a unique technology and proprietary application bringing together powerful plug-and-play algorithms. Thanks to Verteego Brain, we are able to deploy smart apps in no time, while maintaining a high level of demand. Distributed computing power in the cloud ensures unequaled performance and scalable solutions, no matter the amount of data.


Scientific research

Artificial intelligence is a field of expertise that evolves quickly and to this day, we are only exploiting a tiny part of its potential. Only France counts more than 5,000 researchers in artificial intelligence. Our teams conduct a daily watch and collaborate closely with the most advanced laboratories to bring you the state of the art algorithms.


2 ways to collaborate


In a collaborative and iterative approach, we give life, together, to your game changing ideas and projects. By leveraging Verteego Brain technology we design, develop, deploy, and leverage your custom AI solutions with your teams.


We create and manage your artificial intelligence studio for you: a highly skilled team entirely dedicated to the development of your solutions and your future projects. We offer you our know-how, the power of the Verteego Brain technology platform and our academic partners.

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Areas of expertise


Consumers are unanimous, the retail industry must transform itself by correcting the current flaws and by integrating the new possibilities offered by the technology into the shopping and service fields. In the future, physical and digital channels will be complementary (emergence of phygital), with purchases on the Internet valued for their immediacy, simplicity and all the possibilities they offer (international purchases, comparators, consumer opinions, attractive prices, etc...), and purchases in "brick and mortar" shops that will continue to exist, particularly because they will benefit from the ingredients that the Internet cannot provide. Technology and especially AI will be at the heart of strategies both to provide intelligent and responsive support to managers and to assist consumers in their choices by providing them with the most relevant information.


We have moved into the era of Industry 4.0, a revolution to how industrial processes are conceived. Indeed, it is now a question of finding a new balance by combining the control of costs and externalities and the personalization of the offer. By integrating robots, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence into the heart of production chains, the goal is to be able to adapt proactively and automatically to the external environment. This is made possible by interdependent and communicative technologies that facilitate the daily work of operators and decision-makers.


Artificial intelligence disrupts internal business processes. Be it the support, legal, HR or accounting functions, all the inherent functions and trades are set to change. It frees up more time for tasks that are risky or has a significant added value by accompanying the actors of a company at any moment to facilitate their daily life. As ROI is now demonstrable through many real-world case studies, investing in artificial intelligence solutions has become a key success factor and one of the major strategic issues.

Recent projects

cas retail 1


Virtual assistant for points-of-sales

Optimizing sales force planning

cas retail 2


Outsourced forecasting service

Anticipating sales & inventory optimization

cas retail 3


Marketing assistant

Customer attraction in outlets during off-peak hours

cas opération 1


Incident brigade

Anticipation of incidents in a production line

cas opération 2


Energy resources optimization service

Optimization of energy consumption of buildings

Cas opérations 3 bis


Production assistant

Optimization of production parameters

cas service 1


Augmented customer support

Setting up a chatbot for augmented IT support

cas service 2


Virtual management agent

Automate the process of recording expense reports

cas service 3


HR analyst

Enrichment and automated evaluation of applications

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Putting the individual at the heart of the design

At Verteego, we believe that we can not afford to create solutions without understanding their meaning and impact from the users' point of view. Before leading to the implementation of new solutions, we combine the possibilities given by artificial intelligence with the methodologies of ideation and design thinking to imagine the services and offers of tomorrow.



Customer context analysis (business, industry, strategy, ...) and users (professions, objectives, needs, ...), via interviews, research and meetings.



Demonstration of the possible return on investment of an artificial intelligence solution for the customer and the end users.

idea (1)


In collaboration with stakeholders, design and prioritization of possible solutions and validation of detailed specifications.



Development of prototypes based on the whole approach, in order to test the solution with users and to draw lessons learned for possible improvements or reorientations.