Unveiling new Verteego capabilities: delivering Data Apps just for you

Let us introduce you to a new powerful feature of Verteego. A feature that will bring your teams even closer to their data : customized data apps.

What’s a data app?

Verteego has worked hard over the years to design and build a full suite of software modules that covers the whole data management process, from gathering information from all over your organization using customizable questionnaires, to predicting the future evolution of your data streams, including a powerful reporting engine allowing to define calculation models and KPIs as well as a dashboarding engine designed to visualize your data in real time, create collaborative dashboards, charts and analytical models.

All these features have been accessible through one unique web interface. Until today.

From now on, thanks to Verteego’s customizable data apps, you’ll be able to pick the features that are most interesting for your teams and needs, and wrap them into a specific data app using your organization’s graphic charters.

What are the benefits for your business?

  • Custom design
    Every data app project starts with a collaborative design phase gathering your app end users and Verteego designers and consultants. The goal of the meeting is to understand what kind of experience your users need exactly, and to brainstorm together to figure out the ways to implement their needs within your app. Thanks to this creative process you will obtain a unique application that will match your team’s exact needs and design schemes.Capture Plateforme 2
  • Include only the features you like
    To increase the stickiness of your data app within your teams, we think it’s important to reduce the number of features it contains to what is strictly necessary. During the specification phase you will be able to pick from hundreds of Verteego features available in our catalogue and integrate only those your business teams will really require to digitalize their processes.
    Doing this, it becomes possible to set up hundreds of different types of apps without writing a line of code.Capture Plateforme 3
  • Specific and proprietary features
    The customization process goes even further than simply picking from a catalogue of features as you can ask for specific features to be added to your application, even if they don’t exist right now in our catalogue. This is made possible because Verteego’s data apps are designed and built on the Verteego platform but all apps are completely independent from each other and, thus, specific features won’t be shared with other customers. We’re still SaaS but it’s like we provide your organisation with a private shelf.Capture Plateforme BP
  • Adapted to many needs
    Verteego data management apps use cases can be as large as your imagination. Verteego was designed and built to digitalize your processes and is not limited to CSR Reporting but can be applied to any problem where the use of data may make your teams more productive and happy to work for your organisation.
  • Mobile-ready, tablet-ready
    All data apps are built to be used on your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) in order to let your users access their dashboards from wherever they are.3devices