Verteego takes up the challenge of cancer research with Epidemium

Verteego just decided on taking up the challenge of cancer research by launching an Epidemium project, to be undergone this summer.

Epidemium is an open source medical research hackathon funded by pharmaceutical laboratory Roche and hosted by a very dynamic biohacking space named La Paillasse.

At Verteego, we bumped into Epidemium two months ago, during an event that we hosted at La Paillasse in Paris. We immediatly fell in love with the concept of Epidemium, and felt compelled to contribute by investing some of our time on trying to derive findings on cancer epidemiology.

Our project named VerteegoEp has been focusing its research on prediction of pediatric brain cancer incidence. The aim of VerteegoEp is to predict child brain cancer incidence regarding the evolution of social and economic countries features.

We sincerely hope our work – albeit short, will contribute to making families, but also governments and policy-makers around the world, mitigate pediatric brain cancer risks.