Contribute to an EDUI whitepaper on food safety best practices!

2016-08-02-09-34-44Australia-registered non-for-profit EDUI – standing for Ecological Development Union International, is an official Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) working on collaborations for a more sustainable world, with a specific focus on China. EDUI counts 500 members globally, including academics, professionals and students.

The French chapter of EDUI was recently formed and the members of EDUI in France voted in favour of tackling together, alongside with EDUI members globally and all stakeholders that would want to join the action, a critical global issue for the world we live in: Food Safety. Food Safety is about people, it’s about health and safety, it’s about Nature, it’s about our global economy and our ecosystems. Food Safety involves the food industry, agriculture, collaboration throughout supply chains, distribution networks, consumer information and habits, regulations and policies, and is definitely a key mega trend.

As a first step, EDUI has issued a public questionnaire – see below, that is looking at gathering best practices on Food Safety from all over the world (definitely not only France, but also the Americas, any country in Europe, China but also other countries all around Asia and Pacific,…). EDUI will then select a handful of what it considers to be the most replicable and game-changing food safety best practices, package it into a whitepaper, and present it at COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco (November 14-16 2016).

So please, come and join the movement: provide visibility to your own best practices, share the food safety best practice template with your business partners and contribute to spreading better food safety all over the world. Oh, by the way, here’s the questionnaire.