EDUI has officially launched in France!

2016-04-08-17.15.53-editedEDUI, which stands for Ecological Development Union International, is a 10-year old Australia-registered NGO, albeit with a focus on China. The motto of EDUI is to promote a clean, resource efficient and recycling economy. Its main fields of interest are: environmental sustainability, business communications and ethics, social responsibility, education and health. EDUI currently counts 500 members worldwide. See the website of EDUI

It all started very recently, in early February 2016, when the co-founder and co-chair of EDUI, Dr. Haifeng Huang, offered Jeremy Fain, as President of Verteego, to become the founding Chairman of the French chapter of EDUI. The latter immediately accepted considering the potentially tremendous positive impact of EDUI, in particular when it comes to sustainability education and awareness, drawing on the the prominent academic characters that form the EDUI community globally.

Consequently, a kick-off meeting for EDUI France was scheduled this very last Friday, April 8th 2016, at Verteego’s Paris office, with the goal of bringing together change makers who would contribute to the initiatives of this newly founded local chapter of the NGO.

The brainstorming involved:
Dr. Haifeng Huang, as co-chairman of EDUI and Deputy Dean and Professor of economics at HSBC Business School, Peking University
Mrs. Nathalie Bastianelli, founder and CEO of Belong & Partners, and organizer of the Belong Forum
Dr. Chen Yan, executive Chairman of the China – Europa Forum
Mrs. Hélène Kerdilès, manager of the China – Europa Forum
Mr. Christophe Blavot, for Ecologie Industrielle Conseil
Dr. Wang Wen, for Elektron Gri
Ms. Qianwen Du (Wendy), for AAQIUS
Ms. Chen Jing, student at EHESS
– and, last, Ms. Camille Lemouzy and Mr. Jeremy Fain from Verteego

After reviewing a number of topics including CSR reporting, environmental pollution, corporate transparency, business ethics, innovation, dialogue with communities, the group decided on launching a virtual workshop that should lead, most probably in a good handful of months from now, to the publication of a whitepaper on Food Safety best practices in both France and China. The virtual workshop is to meet on a monthly basis to design and produce the contents, and agreed on using both the China – Europa Forum and the Belong Forum to share the results to enlarge the EDUI community.

If interested by the subject or by EDUI, please drop contact[at]verteego[dot]com a note with EDUI as a subject.

Dr. Haifeng Huang qualified the meeting as a ‘historical moment for EDUI’, which has now opened its second European office after Germany.

See the picture with all contributors and volunteers below, and keep in touch for the Food Safety Best Practice whitepaper!


2016-04-08 19.06.06 EDUI France kick-off volunteers jpg