Eco-friendly home

Sybarite, a British architecture firm, has designed an extraordinary architectural concept: the Dice House.

Not that I’d exchange my (also extraordinary) 30m² appartment for that… ;-), but I find the concept pretty interesting, and not only visually (though I have to admit it is rather eye-catching):

But what’s even more interesting, is that this extravagant house is zero carbon. The garden roof is capped by an openable greenhouse space under a large thermoplastic pillow shaped ‘Umbrella’ which acts to shade and insulate the structure, as well as collect and store solar energy. This clever use of the roof space not only increases energy efficiency but also helps the Dice House maximise its 9 x 9 metre site, freeing up the surrounding area. This Dice house has also been provided with maximum opening from all sides so that you can have a view of its surroundings… I can’t help wondering what would these surroundings look like in a dice-like futuristic neighbourhood…