Dance your way through sustainability

Music may not save the world, but the latest news coming straight from Rotterdam can change your vision on sustainability. Planet, People, Profits, the tagline of sustainable development practices worldwide, is now being transformed into Planet, People and … Party!

An ingenious form of architecture designed to engage the wider public with the concept of sustainability, the Watt enables clubbers to generate energy while dancing. Going out in a hip and trendy club and still be responsible, that’s the way I like it!
How does it work? The key feature is the basement’s energy-generating dance floor, whereby the movement of the dancers is converted into electricity by an electro-magnetic generator under the floor.
The venue is designed to reduce energy consumption by 30%, and water consumption and waste production by 50% compared with a typical dance venue. Green initiatives include a rainwater-flush system for toilets, renewable energy sources and LED lighting, and a zero-waste bar serving organic drinks in recycled plastic cups. Don’t you just love this?
The club opened in Rotterdam earlier this September… and it looks like there’s another one coming soon in London… What do you think of the idea?