Verteego unveils Verteego Construction : the carbon management app for building and public works, urban planning and real estate professionnals

Verteego is proud to present Verteego Construction, an online carbon assessment application especially designed to meet the needs of the building and public works industry.

Based on its various discussions with its customers (Group IDEC, IOISIS Nord, SETEC, VEYER, Le Bon Marché, Communauté d’Agglomération de Sarreguemines-Confluence, Communauté d’Agglomération de Val-et-Forêt (the last two are French local governments) and partners (MEV, CADET, Equinergies, Effet de Levier, Business & Décision, Bossa Verde, SynAIRgis, FTC, FCV Conseil…) Verteego came to the conclusion that project owners, in other word contractors, are progressively including in their specifications clauses regarding low carbon-emitting constructions, not only during the building phase, but first and foremost during the exploitation phase. That basically means that buildings’ carbon emissions are monitored during all their life cycle.

Nevertheless, and that’s how our reflexion started and explains why we came up with Verteego Carbon, the contractors’ expectations in terms of carbon efficiency were, so far, no clearly stated with precise and defined figures, despite the fact that they often demand accurate elements of carbon footprinting.

In order to allow all the actors of the building and public works chain, from architects to exploitants/leaseholders to investors and project management assistance, to realize such quantifications very easily, Verteego Construction:

– contends building-specific inventory methods corresponding to standard measurements.
– integrates C02 conversion databases (compatible with the GHG Protocol)
– enables users to set up their own GHG inventory methods
– enhances collaboration between all the involved third parties, by facilitating the segmentation of the construction works and allows to ask sub-contractors via web forms.
– is secured so as to guarantee maximum confidentiality.

Verteego Construction is mainly aimed at :

assessing the projected carbon footprint of alternative versions examined before the actual construction phase (ex: corporate headquarters, eco-friendly neighborhood, railroad, low budget housing, shopping mall…)
– the realization of the building site’s carbone footprint
– the quantification of the GHG emissions during the exploitation phase, which allow project owners to take the right investing decisions, asset managers to increase the value of their properties and exploitants to anticipate the costs of primary energy and gray energy.
communicating your commitment to sustainable building industry, namely an industry that takes energy costs of the operating phase (mirrored in the carbon footprint) into account, to third parties

For further information, please visit our website dedicated to our carbon management application for construction and public works , accessible on

We organise webinars on a regular basis to present our Verteego Construction application. To register to one of these webinars and to enjoy a free demo and get information about our pricing and subscription conditions, just call Mr Olivier JOUSSELIN : (+33) 01 47 70 09 90 or +1 (858) 952-0797.