Verteego enables full reporting of Carbon Disclosure Project KPIs

At Verteego, we’ve recently worked hard on upgrading the Carbon Disclosure Project capabilities of SaaS carbon management software platform Verteego Carbon and PaaS environmental management framework

As an illustration, our carbon management software customers can fill all in the quantitative KPIs of their Investor CDP 2011 Information Request just by looking at their Verteegi dashboard! and we’re now looking at the KPIs requested by the CDP Supply Chain, CDP Cities & CDP Public Procurement programmes.Our community can now save even more reporting time and focus on what, at the end of the day, matters most: reduce carbon & streamline business processes.

We love what they do at the Carbon Disclosure Project! About 2.000 global organizations accounting for about a third of anthropogenic GHG emissions are Carbon Disclosure Project stakeholders. The Carbon Disclosure Project is a carbon performance & information enabler, a catalyst for better transparency & accountability, as well as a fantastic tool for benchmarking, and a platform for pushing the most reluctant decision-makers to actually do something because their competitors are already there. According to the Wikipedia page for the CDP, “the process of companies having to respond to CDP delivers real changes in business practice resulting in lower energy use”.

We now expect to attract more and more Fortune 500 corporations onto the Verteego carbon & energy management platform, as well as long thinking mid-sized, innovative enterprises.