Big News for Environmental Protestors

Greenpeace activists charged with causing 35,000 pounds worth of damage to a coal-fired power plant have been found not-guilty, dealing a crushing blow to Britain’s plans to expand coal power in the country and setting an important precedent for future acts of environmental activism. The activists, who painted “Gordon” on one of the plant’s chimneys, were ruled not guilty by a jury of 12 stating that under the Criminal Damage Act, the activists were permitted to cause damage in order to prevent greater damage, in this case, the effects of climate change. Top climate activist David Attenborough was flown in to give testimony.

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While I’m not advocating that you go out and paint your head-of-state’s name on a power plant, this is an important reminder of what individuals can do to protect the environment and promote sustainable development. Remember those eco-gestes we’ve been talking about? They’re important, and they add up!

And for my last post (yes, this is sadly my last post, as I’m leaving Verteego and returning to school) I’ll add one more eco-geste: contact your local representatives about a sustainable development issues that is important to you. Send an email or make a phone-call… it only takes a few minutes, and you can make your voice heard.

Well, goodbye everyone! I’ve had a wonderful time here at Verteego and I’ve learned tons about sustainable development. I’m going to miss it here!

But keep reading! Alice and Raluca have lots of interesting things to share with you. 🙂