Photo takeaways of Belong Forum’s First Edition

Here are our takeaways, in a few selected pictures, of the Belong Forum’s first edition that occurred last week in Beijing.

First, the letter of French Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal granting a COP21 label to the Belong Forum
2015-09-24 17.11.11

The forum was supported by the Lunt Foundation as a cofounding partner, as well as sponsors including Interface, Airbus Group, Renault, Noveterra, Glowbl and… Verteego !

2015-09-23 19.11.22

By the way this was the Verteego booth, located near Yishu 8’s vinoteca

2015-09-23 18.51.50

Our friend Benjamin Denjean’s workshop on local agriculture in the above-mentioned vinoteca

2015-09-24 13.11.29

The Belong Forum was not only about business and global issues like sustainability and climate change, but also about discovering the Chinese culture, here with Kung Fu

2015-09-24 14.09.21

Mulan from the Fairphone initiative gave an utmost interesting talk, in which Fairphone’s founder got in by teleconference

2015-09-24 14.20.28

Jean-Pierre Nacry on the Third Industrial Revolution in the French Northern Region of Nord Pas-de-Calais

2015-09-24 16.05.14

Laurence Brahm on China’s environmental economics and policies

2015-09-24 16.51.01

TOMS (buy one pair of shoes, and a child gets one for free) was here too!
2015-09-26 13.19.35

And we discovered that Spanish guitar could be mixed with Mongolian songs and whistles for the better…

2015-09-26 13.19.39

Winsun’s founder on 3D-printing out building materials !

2015-09-26 13.20.35

Last, Verteego’s President Jeremy Fain keynote on CSR reporting best practices

2015-09-26 13.20.49

A big thumbs up to the organizer, Belong & Partners, for making this global event happen for the first time in China’s capital city, Beijing.